Preparing Yourself Before Your Loved One Departs

by Jaymes Thiago Marketing

The death of a family member is probably the most severe cause of stress that people experience. Even though sometimes it is possible to recognize the imminent death of a loved one, yet still, no one can prepare themselves to handle the overwhelming wave of emotions. The grieving process may surpass all levels of distress and pain. The depression that follows can pose a high risk of health problems like physical and mental illnesses. And these issues can continue bothering one or more family members for a long time. Despite of these it is possible to alleviate the feelings at the onset by properly planning for the future. After all, you have to keep moving ahead by accepting this fact that comes to life. 

The need to converse

People are naturally social creatures and so they stay in touch with their family members, friends, peers, relatives, neighbors, etc. Some people like to speak a lot while others don’t do much of it. The latter kind of Individuals are at a higher risk of suffering from mental or physical issues. Those who don’t say much prefer keeping their joys and sorrows to themselves. If such a person loses a loved one, then the situation can turn from bad to worse. Those people who socialize less than others need emotional support. If you have some caring individuals around you, ask them to stay in touch. Make sure that you try to build a network of caring people while arranging with Memorial Services Philippines. 

Physical care

The loss of a loved one changes the lives of the ones left behind profoundly. The grief strikes you so hard that you lose track of everything. You forget to eat even if hunger burns a hole in your stomach. Your body will thirst for sleep at nights, but you won’t be able to close your eyes. Once you fall asleep, vivid dreams will bother you, and you will experience prolonged periods of wakefulness. You will often neglect your physical needs when you get busy in arranging everything for the burial or cremation. However, arranging with the Memorial Services Philippines isn’t the only thing that you should take care of. It is understandable that you must perform your duties, but you shouldn’t try to do too much by yourself. You should eat well and get plenty of rest and still take care of yourself.  

Explaining to children

The final task is probably the most difficult of all. If you have children in the house, then you have to prepare them. It will be complex to explain the situation, but you have to do it. If the kids are too small, then they may not realize the gravity of the loss. It is also needed that you tell them if any daily arrangement changes. Children who are slightly more mature than little kids may need the support of a trained counselor. You must also inform the teachers of the school which the children attend. Then if it is possible, you should speak to your boss. You must arrange to take some time off or delegating the workload to another employee.

It takes time

Yes, it will take a while for you to cope with loss emotionally. However, the process won’t be a simple one by any means. You may speak rationally at one moment. At the next moment, you may delve into a delusional world by thinking that the deceased will return soon. If you find out that you are going to lose someone beforehand, then you should talk about it. If you express yourself, then you may stand a chance to prevent yourself from going overboard when it happens.



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