The Ways To Preparing For A Memorial Service

by Jaymes Thiago Marketing

A memorial service or a funeral is a reflection of the deceased’s cultural and spiritual beliefs, as well as of the family. It is solemn and morbid experience for everyone involved. It can be very difficult to plan out such a service. 

So to be able to conduct a respectful memorial service, you can contact your local mortuary services. There are services that can provide ‘Grade A’ solutions as well as construct different kinds of monuments for your late loved ones. There are various memorial products available for those with even the most niche tastes. 

Planning the entire thing 

You may feel lost when it comes to planning a memorial service, because the amount of paperwork and reorganization can be overwhelming. The key is to breath, even during the hard times. Here are some ways you can make the memorial service special.


  1. Find a location that is meaningful or special: There is more flexibility with where the service can be held than would be with a funeral. You can hold it at home, or a place where the deceased had found special to them. You can hold it anywhere from church buildings, and funeral home chapels, to community centers and gravesites. Wherever it is, it can be special to you and your late loved one.
  2. Contact those who were close to the deceased to write and deliver a eulogy: They would know about the deceased the best, and can deliver a heartwarming and personal speech about them.
  3. Create a guest list: This will make it easier to invite people and keep track of them. It also helps you remember if you have missed anyone while going through the phone book or contact lists to know who else knew them.
  4. Prepare food and drinks: The memorial service can go on for a long time, even while the ceremony is not being held. You can hire a catering service or actually make the snacks and drinks yourself. It would make it even more meaningful if you do.
  5. Play music that was personal to the deceased, or play something that holds great meaning: Oftentimes music express things in a way you could not put into words on your own. Playing meaningful music can strengthen the solidarity between the mourners.
  6. Prepare thank you cards: This shows gratitude towards those who have arrived and mourned with you. It is an acknowledgement of sorts of the support they have displayed. It also helps make more connections so that you have a support network, where you can keep the spirit of the deceased alive. 

How much does a memorial service cost? 

Over and above everything, there is also costs to worry about. Do not worry, because memorial services cost a lot less than a funeral would. The average cost of cremation would be $725 USD and the memorial service would cost as much as it takes for memorial gifts, setup, music, and food and drinks or a catering service. The leading service providers will help you in every way, whenever you plan to organize the event.




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