Why Are Families Choosing Cremation Over Burial

by Jaymes Thiago Marketing

Today, many families are choosing cremation over burial, and many reasons are contributing to this shift of preferences. The number of people opting for cremation increased exponentially in the last few years. Traditional casket ground burial isn’t obsolete, but religious acceptance and open-mindedness is contributing to this change. It may sound insensitive, but most people are no longer adhering to family traditions. Apart from that, society is becoming increasingly mobile. It isn’t possible for anyone to haul a coffin wherever you go. On the other hand, you can carry the remains of your loved one in an urn. 

Here you will find out the reasons behind people shifting to cremation.

  1. Secularism: Everybody thinks that they are living in a civilized world where everybody is equal. In spite of that fact, in many developed countries, people discriminate based on skin color. Other developing nations adhere to strict religious norms, and they separate people based on their faith. In such a time, it is wise to choose Cremation Plans Philippines. After all, someone has to spread love and equality through their deeds. Many other people in different parts of the world are doing it. So why don’t you do the same?
  2. Loss of stringency: Religion defines your character as long as you are faithful to God. Things start to change the moment you become Christian. You believe that people who follow other religions are atheists. It isn’t something that proves beneficial to the advancement of society. If you choose to avail Cremation Plans Philippines, then you aren’t going against your religion. You are bolstering the beliefs and concepts of secularism.
  3. Flexibility: Several reasons are making people prefer cremation over burial. One of them is the flexibility factor. Cremation is earning popularity steadily as it allows family members to plan memorial services. It takes away all the constraints associated with burial. The extra time that you get lets you approach everything without rushing.
  4. Spread out: Burials were the better option earlier because families used to stay together. Everyone could gather at a local community church and pay their respects. After the burial, families, friends, and relatives could visit the deceased at the cemetery. Now, the members of families are all over the globe. People rush to other countries in pursuit of jobs or higher studies. It isn’t possible for someone to return to their homeland to pay respects to the deceased. The best way to do that is to cremate the dead and carry their remains with you in an urn.
  5. Environment concerns: Yes, matters related to the availability of land and environment is also driving people towards cremations. You must preserve land in every possible way. You should also try to reduce carbon footprints as much as you can. There is no better way to do that except by cremation.

It is the future

The rate at which people are opting to cremate their deceased loved ones is simply overwhelming. There was a time when only people of specific countries and religions used to do it. Now, however, its popularity forces you to believe that it is more of a trend. Regardless of what you think, experts say that cremation will be the only way to bid goodbye. Almost everyone across the world will gradually resort to cremation in the future.  However, traditional interment will always be remained.


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