Opal: Meaning, Properties and Powers

by Sehdev Jewellers Gemologist, Gemstone Dealers
About Opal:

Opal is derived from the Sanskrit upala, meaning “precious stone,” and later it was known as the Greek derivative “Opallios,” meaning “to see a change of color.” Louis Leakey was a famous anthropologist who discovered the Opal, in a cave in Kenya.

Opal comes in various colors like white, pink, blue and green, black, in color. It has just about every shade of every color in a variety of combinations. Opals which are predominantly red in color are usually the most expensive. Also, those strong in blue and green are equally as beautiful, but less rare, so their price is somewhat less.

No other gemstones are like opals. Opals stone are shining stones due to its refractory nature mainly because of silica chips found in the stone. As the stone is itself unique, the Opal stone jewelry is considered as the unique choice of individuals wearing them. The opal is considered as the birthstone of October, making opal jewelry a lovely gift for those born in October.

Properties of Opal:

Physical properties of Opal signifies a delicate soft stone, ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 on the hardness scale. It is usually milky and translucent and actually a hardened silica gel containing 5-20% water. Because of its porous nature, it is dangerous to immerse it in liquids other than water. Opal is amorphous in nature meaning, it has no crystal structure. However, good quality opals are transparent, not milky. Though it is delicate in nature, it gives out vibrant positive energy.

Opal was discovered in Australia in the 1870’s and not surprisingly, the most valuable opals come from Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. It is also found in Mexico, the USA, South America, Britain, Canada, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Opal gemstone is vested with powers of the planet Venus, and it possesses mystical powers to heal and benefit its wearer in astonishing ways. These powers of this gemstone not only heal the ailments of the body but enhance the spiritual powers of a person.
This gemstone is known as “The Eye of God” and “The Queen of Gemstones” due to its healing properties.

Powers of Opal:

This gemstone is transcendental in nature and changes its colors in accordance with the health of its wearer. If a wearer is suffering from any illness, this gemstone turns to a dull gray shade. If the wearer of an Opal stone suffers from some serious ailment or meets with an accident, then the color of Opal changes to sick yellow. 

Opal has great medical healing powers and cures a host of problems related to various parts of the body such as eye, throat, spleen, pancreas and reproductive organs.  It is also helpful in curing headaches. People who have Opal as their Birthstones are calm and gentle; this gemstone provides satisfaction and serenity to its wearer. 

People also prefer to wear an opal gemstone to attain peace and satisfaction in life and also to disconnect themselves from any pain they might have been linked to the past. Opal Gemstones from Peru are especially known to provide relaxation and relieving tension.

This gemstone improves the mental framework of an individual and helps them in making the quick decision through rational thinking. The Opal gemstone has a compassionate side as well.  It turns its wearer into an affectionate person and makes him/her caring, affectionate and loving person. 

Opal is well known for its mystical powers. It provides spiritual benefits to the wearer of this gemstone. People have reported an increased telepathic power and intuition after wearing this gemstone. Overall, Opal gemstone is one of those rare stones which has multiple benefits.

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