Traditional Symbolic Meaning Of Gemstones

by Sehdev Jewellers Gemologist, Gemstone Dealers
Gemstones not only have special properties, but they all have traditional symbolic meanings which make them different from others. If you are planning to buy gemstone and wish to know about its gemstone symbolic meaning, then keep reading.

For many years now, various cultures and traditions have given distinct meaning to gemstones. For each one of us, there is the right gemstone which can help us achieve our objectives and make our lives better. Let’s take a look at the traditional meaning of gemstones.

The traditional meaning of Amethyst

The beautiful purple color Amethyst is known for its amazing splendor and its power to soothe and calm the wearer. Known as the “Gem of Fire” in the ancient world, this stone is believed to carry the energy of fire, creativity, zeal as well as spirituality. 

It is also commonly called the “Gem of Balance”, as it calms the soul and guards it against evil speech. Apart from providing the much-needed emotional stability, an amethyst stone also brings clarity of thought and helps one to attain wisdom. The wearer of this stone may experience better intuition and can acquire sobriety. It can also help one to get rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The traditional meaning of Kunzite

Think of healing crystals and Kunzite makes to the list with great confidence. This gemstone has a deep traditional meaning of creating love in relationships and strengthening emotions. The stunning light pink crystal provides the energy to connect with all beings with love, and even with the spiritual being.

By giving freedom from negativity, anxiety, and fear, this stone heals the emotional troubles of the wearer. It forms the perfect gift when it comes to celebrating the arrival of a newborn and when it is the occasion to wish for greater courage and prosperity. 

The traditional meaning of Tanzanite

Want to travel on the path of self-discovery? Well, then Tanzanite is for you. The stone with its powerful spiritual energies can help you know yourself better. It helps in taking you to the depth of your existence and letting you know the real you. By assisting you in realizing the real limitations that you have, it helps you be a better version of yourself, who is more self-aware and who exercises greater self-control without many difficulties.

Besides this, the gemstone works wonders in creating a connection between your mind and the higher realms. The gorgeous violet-blue hues of this gemstone emit such high vibration energies that foster the connection of your mind with the higher realms.

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