Different Types Of Heat Treatment On Sapphires

by Sehdev Jewellers Gemologist, Gemstone Dealers
Sapphires are one of the most popular stones in the world. Their bright color and luster have generated a huge demand for them amongst the gem enthusiasts and experts. However, only a small percentage of stones found naturally have the exquisite shine that demands attention and the jaw-dropping prices. Most of the naturally existing sapphires have a dull appearance. Such stones do not possess the excellent clarity and lack the shine or luster, but that can be easily recreated through some simple treatments.

Unlike treatments for other stones and gems, sapphire treatments do not dilute or diminish the quality and value of the stone. These practices have been present since many years now, and are considered mainstream for sapphire gemstones. 
These treatments are performed to improve the clarity, color and the value of mined sapphires. In this day and age, there are a number of Sapphire Gemstone Treatments that are widely performed across the world. Some of the commonly accepted heat treatments for sapphires are:

Simple Heat Treatment – While finding unheated sapphire is not difficult, you will easily find a range of heated sapphires in the market today. As a matter of fact, the technique of simple heat treatment has been prevailing for many years now. It is considered a standard practice by several gem experts as it does not involve the addition of any kind of chemicals to the sapphire. The result of a simple heat treatment is permanent and irreversible. 

Multiple Heat Treatments – In case there is a large quality of included material in the stone, then it needs to be heat treated more than once. Sometimes it even involves the use of fluxing agents in the process. However, more heat treatment does not necessarily mean a decrease in the value. This process is also commonly accepted just as simple heat treatment.

Beryllium Treatment – This process involves multiple heat treatments in presence of artificially introduced elements like Beryllium. This treatment gives the stone various colors like golden, yellow, orange and similar hues. Beryllium penetrates the structure of sapphire and is difficult to detect. But since this treatment involves the use of another element, it can no longer be considered a ‘natural sapphire’. It is absolutely important that full disclosure of the process is done at the time of sale of a stone which has undergone beryllium treatment.

Surface Diffusion – Similar to the beryllium treatment, the surface diffusion includes the use of titanium to coat the stone. Since the sapphire is coated with titanium, re-polishing of the stone often causes the chemical luster to reduce. Again, it is extremely crucial for a buyer to inquire about the process before going for this stone.

Cavity Fillers – A common practice with ruby stones, Cavity Fillers or Fissures, is recently becoming popular with sapphire stones as well. It is often performed on low-quality sapphires and involves filling the cavities in the stone with cobalt-rich glass. This increases the clarity of the sapphire. The quality of the sapphire, however, does not increase.

Should you buy heat treated sapphires?

As the quality of a sapphire stone is usually not damaged during the heat treatment processes, investing in a heat treated sapphire is not a bad idea at all. However, it is quite essential to inquire about the natural state of the stone from your seller. You should prefer buying a sapphire from a trusted gem supplier, and if possible, then do take the opinion of a professional gem expert. This way, you will not only get a stone which comes with a stunning luster, but the price that you will pay for it will also be absolutely worthwhile. is one such trusted gem dealers that sell certified sapphire stones at best price. They have wide range of sapphire gemstones that are certified by GemLab. You can check their online portal that explain about them and their stones in detail.

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