Can Catseye gemstone worn together with ruby?

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Catseye is one of the most powerful gemstones in the world of astrology. The precious gemstone is associated with Ketu in Vedic astrology and can be worn to strengthen the powers of Ketu. If you have a weak Ketu, you can improve its vibrations by wearing a Catseye gemstone. While Ketu is not a planet in itself, it is said to have one of the most powerful vibrations in anyone’s birth chart. Before wearing the Catseye gemstone, it is very important that you consult a leading astrologer with many years of experience so that you may know beforehand whether you should wear a Catseye gemstone or not. 

Benefits of wearing Catseye gemstone

There are numerous benefits of wearing the Catseye gemstone. Some of them are listed below. 

• Wearing the Catseye gemstone can actually bestow good health to a person. When worn regularly, it can get rid of negative energies around the wearer which can improve the energy and aura of a person. This can naturally help in improving health and well being. Catseye can also protect the wearer from the harmful effects of the evil eye. It has been proven time and again that Catseye gemstone can heal diseases affecting the heart, brain, stomach and certain other parts of the body. It can also cure mysterious diseases that are difficult to diagnose or detect. 

• If you are into gambling, speculations or taking chances, you should definitely wear the precious gemstone as it can really ensure positive fortunes for you. You can also enjoy consistent good luck when you are involved with share market trading and speculative investments. 

• Catseye gemstone is particularly beneficial for people who are looking to work on their spiritual faculties. Basically the celestial entity Ketu rules over the unconscious aspects of our mind and soul and so wearing the Catseye can help us to develop our ability to see through our own inner world. In our lives we mostly identify with the material world and this makes it impossible for us to seek wisdom from our innermost recesses. However, wearing the Catseye stone can help us to do just that. This can open up a lot of doors of perception and also enable a person to achieve true happiness. 

• This gemstone can also help in sharpening the mind and boost memory. This can greatly help a student in his or her academic endeavors and build a successful career. 

• Catseye can help to get rid of depression and the clouds of despair that is associated with such a state of mind. 

• The Catseye stone can ensure complete protection for the wearer against accidents, injuries and mishaps.    
Should you wear Catseye gemstone with Ruby?

Catseye or Cat's Eye should not be worn with Ruby as they are not compatible with each other. The Lord of Cat's Eye is Ketu and the Lord of Ruby is Sun. These planets are regarded as enemies to each other. Therefore, it is never a good idea to wear Cat's Eye along with Ruby.  

Buying Catseye for your personal use

Once you have decided to buy Catseye online, you need to visit a leading ecommerce store that can offer you authentic high quality gemstones and astrological stones so that you can get the best product. Make sure to stick to the precise size of Cat's Eye that has been recommended to you by your astrologer. If you want to learn about the best Catseye price online, you should explore a number of reputable websites and find out a store that can offer you a top grade product at the best price value. 

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