Different Types of Sapphire Gemstones

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A proud member of the Corundum family, Sapphire is one of the most loved gemstones in the world. Natural sapphire gemstone comes in a wide range of colors. With an incredible hardness of 9 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, sapphire is a durable and long-lasting gem which carries some remarkable properties.
In this article, we will be discussing the different types of sapphires and a few of their distinguishing characteristics. Let’s go ahead!

Blue Sapphire

This variety of sapphire doesn’t really need an introduction. A blue sapphire gemstone is the most famous of all the types of sapphires. There are many places of origin of a blue sapphire, but the most prominent of them all which are said to produce finest quality blue sapphires are Mogok in Burma, Kashmir in India, and Sri Lanka. This stone comes in a variety of shades ranging from pale blue to rich blue

Pink Sapphire

A truly stunning variety of sapphire, the pink sapphire gemstone comes in different tones. From pale pink to dark pink, there are various types of this stone which can make any piece of jewelry look absolutely marvelous. The higher the amount of chromium in the stone, the greater will be the color saturation and so will be its value. This gorgeous stone is quite rarely found than its counterparts, and hence high in demand due to its rare availability. 

Yellow Sapphire

Also called Pukhraj, a yellow sapphire gemstone represents planet Jupiter and is believed to bring the positive elements of the planet to the wearer. With the primary color base of yellow, this stone has different hues that vary from orange-yellow to green yellow. This stone often undergoes treatment to get an enhanced color. The effect of heat treatment could change the color of the sapphire giving it an intense yellow appearance or golden yellow, deep orange-yellow looks.

Purple Sapphire

A fairly uncommon variety of sapphire, purple sapphire comes in spectacular tones. Quite similar to its cousin, the pink sapphire, a purple sapphire is a bit darker and has purple or violet as the dominant shade.
Color Changing Sapphire
As the name suggests, this type of sapphire changes color when seen under different light sources. Its structure causes changes in the color which makes it look blue during the day and gives it a violet tone when the light source turns incandescent.

Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire obtains its beautiful color due to the presence of iron in its formation. The tones of this stone range from pale green to deep rich and even blue-green color. This stone is said to improve vision and helps in soothing eye strain.

White Sapphire

Being colorless, this stone is called as White Sapphire. It is often used as a substitute for Diamond and represents the positive effects of Venus, bringing wealth, beauty, power, and luxury, into the life of the wearer.

Star Sapphire

This beautiful variety of gem is known for its stunning six-rayed star effect which is displayed across the stone’s surface. This effect is called asterism. Needle-like inclusions of rutile are present inside this gem’s structure, which when intersect each other at different angles, give rise to the asterism effect.

Padparadscha Sapphire

It is one of the rarest varieties of sapphire and is known for its beautiful tones of pink-orange. Thanks to its unique look, this gemstone is fascinating to the core, and the amazing color of the stone is said to resemble a lotus flower. This stone is pure and natural. Because of its rarity, it is not easily locatable by a layman. And hence, it is usually found by the experts and gem collectors who have adequate knowledge about this gem and its wonderful properties. 

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