Online Gaming Merchant Account Perfect Payment Solution

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“A Complete Online Payment Solution for Gamers”

Online Gaming Merchant Account helps gaming merchants to receive online payments in a simpler and faster way. It happened to be that, this account has become viral since the online gaming merchant has asked for the solution for payment processing.

But why do we recommend an online gaming merchant account rather than any other merchant account? To get clear about this, merchants need to understand why there is a need for change.

Online Gaming Merchant Account Perfect Payment Solution


“Games don’t make you violent, lag does”. This line is logical, anyone would get annoyed when between their gaming spree somewhat lag enters. To control the lagging of the game many things have been done, but what about the payment options.

Gamers don’t only do gaming but also like to dress up their character. Also, buy health potions, boosters, and other items as well. Now, while doing that, what if the payment processing gives issues. Even after paying for boost, the stats don’t change. Rather than that, stats decrease by many ranks.

These kinds of incidents ruin the mood of players and the players’ switch to other gaming platforms. Now, the question is, how are you going to cure this problem? Don’t worry! Ask for help from #Highriskgateways.


Working in high-risk industries much time has been passed. And we’re able to learn many tactics to support high-risk merchants. Oh! You’re shocked that before we were talking about Online Gaming and in a second we switched the topic to “High-Risk Industries”.

We’ve guessed it already, so don’t get worked up. The thing is that, while facing such issues your business gets into the category of high-risk. And how did it exactly come into that category? Wait, let us explain.

Businesses are low-risk businesses, as long as they are operated with stable financial health. But what happens when it comes out of its limits? It becomes financially unstable. Even financial institutions aren’t willing to give in to such businesses.

That’s how high-risk businesses don’t even get merchant services with ease. In that case, the only way left for them is to approach a PSP. Add to this, PSP must have worked with high-risk industries.


We had fought with many challenges as they have been created one after one. And that’s not the end. High-risk businesses are full of online risks and to reduce them we have worked on many strategies. If we talk about gaming industries, we’ve seen a lot of changes beginning with the fact that gaming is a dynamic field.

And anything can happen anytime in this field. So, a merchant should be ready to act on them in an instant.


Reliable Partner

In the international market, every high-risk merchant needs the support of a high-risk PSP. But what’s more? The PSP should have a good relationship with the acquiring banks with whom a merchant wishes to enter into a contract.

The reason for this is that without the approval of acquiring banks a high-risk merchant won’t be able to get a high-risk merchant account. That is an online gaming merchant account. So, for that, PSPs need to maintain their relation with reliable acquiring banks as well.

Highriskgateways has the support of acquiring banks that are favorable for high-risk merchants.

Security Standards

See, when you’re talking about online payments then you must think about security as well. In the eyes of the international market, any lack in the quality of services or security standards will not be tolerable. With Highriskgateways, merchants need not worry about security.

We have the Level 1 Certification of PCI DSS. And we also strictly follow the rules & regulations to maintain work quality. We took an oath to serve best, give best, and achieve best.

Merchant Support

We know that an online gaming merchant works with a team of professionals. But even professionals sometimes make mistakes, and that’s where the players lost their trust in those merchants. To ensure the trust of players in merchants we’ll take care of everything.

Just suppose, if someday any issue comes with players’ experience. And if it seems changeable after we alert the merchant, then we’ll never hesitate to tell them to correct that issue. This way, players won’t lose trust in merchants.

Chargeback Protection

Many times, even after paying for pricy digital potions for a game character, the stats won’t go up. Rather than that, the ranks decrease to the previous level. This kind of glitch irritates the players, so they claim chargeback.

Now, if this happens once or twice that will be bearable. But what if it turns into a continuous process? To stop that, first, we’ll talk to merchants to fix the situation. But if after that it won’t stop, we’ll make sure that no one claims with a false claim. We’ll check every claim and handle the situation perfectly.

Promoting Brand

Online gaming is in trend right now. Many companies have launched their games. But to grow the business merchants should have the support & guidance of an expert. After working in the industries for many years, we have learned many strategies to attract online players. We’ll help the merchants in every possible way.


|Payment Modes|

Multi-Currency Support

This merchant account helps the merchants to receive online payments in several currencies. It helps the merchants to provide convenience to their consumers.

Alternative Payment Modes

This merchant account can receive payments in several popular modes of payment. Some of those would be Internet banking, UPI, Net transfer, and many more. This would provide the facility of paying the payment easily and preferably.

Credit Card Processing

With this merchant account the merchants will be able to accept card payments easily. This account has the support of a powerful payment processor that would help the merchants to process the transactions at a fast speed.

Bank Cascading

This merchant account has the support of several acquiring banks and can provide the feature of bank cascading. Even if one bank turns down the request to process the payment another one will complete it in time. With the help of this feature players won’t have to face problems such as payment stop, stuck, and failure.

Fraud Prevention | Close Call!

As we know, online fraud has become a big issue for every online merchant including online gaming merchants. But with this merchant account, you won’t have to worry about this issue. This account runs many fraud prevention tools to check the real identity of the payer.

Once, the fraudster gets caught red-handed the transaction will be stopped immediately. This will provide more safety to gamers and merchants.

|Smart Features|

Global Card Saving

This feature will help the players to save their cards on our payment gateway. It is just so that the annoying process of filling in the card details, again and again, will stop. Once players save their cards on the gateway, it won’t ask for that again. Isn’t it comfortable?

Real-Time Reporting System

This merchant account has the feature of a real-time reporting system that helps the merchants to store data in a systematic record. Plus it alerts merchants of any issue that happens on payment processing. That provides enough time to take action on the issuing part and resolve the matter ASAP.


So, we have discussed many things and as we look at it we got the idea that you understood the topic so well. But for better clearance, let’s recall the things we have discussed. First, we got to know about what is online gaming and gamers’ theory.

After that, we got to know that how much highriskgateways knows about online gaming businesses. Next to that, we got to know that what kind of challenges we faced. In the last, we talked about what will happen to merchants’ business after connecting with the online gaming merchant account.

And that’s the thing one should consider while doing online gaming business. For more information, get in touch via mail.


Source: Online Gaming Merchant Account Perfect Payment Solution

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