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Rest assured with the Best Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account provider

Finding an Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account provider is not that difficult. But before that, the merchant needs to know the main reason behind getting an Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account. Here high-risk merchants will find the answer to their every doubt.

Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account helps merchants to receive online transactions. Apart from this, it provides many features to the merchant which help him to get control over the payment processing. Some of the features are multi-currency support, a smart UI system, and credit card processing.

To get the support of the best Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account provider, the merchant needs to know what to look for when searching for them. These merchant service providers are not local service providers. Those service providers are high-risk PSPs. Payment service provider basically provides services related to payment processing. Such services include the use of payment gateway, payment processor, and merchant account.

This merchant account helps the merchant to successfully receive online payments. The merchant needs to test the features of a reliable PSP to get the best merchant services.

Characteristics of a reliable PSP

Merchant Assistance

Our experts will help the merchant to take the job into his own hands without any problem. If the merchant ever faces any difficulty in operating this merchant account, he can contact our experts for any doubts. There is no problem of time here; the merchant will get full support here.

International Visibility

Capturing the attention of global consumers with a reliable high-risk PSP is an easy task. We have many connections in the international market. And this is the chance in which a merchant can definitely expand his boundaries.

Might as well open up with the people for whom they have the real best deals on products. If the merchant will provide the best quality service to the customers then he’ll be able to gain the trust of the people in less time.

Fraud Prevention

Rest assured, because with us the merchant’s customers’ money and the merchant’s company’s reputation will be safe. Online fraud is not uncommon in this world. And looking at the current situation, trusting someone without full proof protection is not right at all.

But with us, merchants can feel comfortable. Suppose someone is making a payment with someone else’s card then what would happen? Don’t worry. This merchant account will run multiple authentication protocols to identify the payer’s identity.

In case, the information furnished does not match with the cardholder, the payment will be stopped immediately. This will also protect the consumer’s money and the reputation of the company.

Chargeback Protection

There is no certainty that the chargeback will be claimed for similar reasons. Sometimes the reasons do not even match with the T&C of the policy of the product. Due to this many times, merchants have to suffer due to false claims.

To resolve this issue, we verify whether the claim matches the conditions mentioned under the T&C policy of the company. If the claim matches the conditions, the amount will be refunded within 2-3 business working days. And if it does not match, the replacement of the product will be offered to the consumer.

PCI DSS Protection

Every online businessman is always concerned about the security of his consumer’s information. We have (highriskgateways) level 1 certification of PCI DSS. And any company that receives this certification is considered a reliable PSP. We strictly follow the safety rules and regulations presented by PCI DSS. So, that the merchant does not put any pressure on himself for the safety of the information.

Now what you’ll get in this Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account

Multi-currency transaction

Being an offshore merchant, the business of such a merchant is connected to consumers around the world. Such a situation creates the possibility of transactions from more than one country. So this merchant account helps the high-risk merchant to get their transactions done in their own currency.

This facilitates the merchant that he can easily receive payments from any country in the world. And this will also ease the customers while shopping online, which will increase the goodwill of the merchant’s business.

Alternative Payment Modes

This merchant account can receive payment via several payment modes like a credit card, debit card, digital wallets, internet banking, and UPI. Such a feature can provide convenience to both the consumer and the merchant.

There is a sense of spontaneity that will be shown from both sides. If one takes a look at the reviews of online shopping websites, the most positive comments will appear on those websites that accept APM. It will improve the relationship between the merchant and his consumers, which is beneficial for future growth.

Credit Card Processing

This Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account is capable of completing the credit card processing in time. Credit card processing is not that easy task. It is necessary to have the support of a reliable PSP to accomplish this task.

Highriskgateways has the support of many acquiring banks. And this assures the completion of online transactions in time. With the help of many acquiring banks, payment processing-related problems will not arise in the future. There will be issues like payment stuck, payment stop, and payment failure. Even if one bank refuses to process the transaction, the other will act on it immediately.

Round ‘o’clock reporting

With this merchant account, the merchant will get the support of a 24*7 live reporting system. This system will send alerts even if there is a small error in the system. This will make it easier for the merchant to get control of the situation on time Apart from this; this system will alert the merchant about every transaction. That’s how the merchant will be able to maintain a systematic record of the transactions.

Global Card Saving

With the help of this feature, consumers will be able to save their cards on the merchant’s website. If they save their cards on the website then they will not need to fill in the details again. This will save the time of the consumers.


As an Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account provider, PSP must be reliable. So that, in the future the high-risk merchant does not have to take stress on his shoulders. Highriskgateways is an experienced high-risk PSP, and we are providing high-risk merchant services for a long time.

Industries like Forex, Casino, Online Gaming, Adult, etc are the companies we have worked with. We have worked with many high-risk companies. And we can certainly guide the high-risk merchant to increase his potential.

If the merchant needs more information about our services he can visit our blog section. There he will see detailed information about our services. High-risk merchants can drop a mail to get their own Offshore High-Risk Merchant Account. We will contact the merchant as soon as we receive the email. “Be the brightest star on the top with highriskgateways


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