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Online gaming is one of the trending businesses and has a global market size for online games that is widely expected to grow from US$37.65 billion in 2019 to US$122.05 billion in 2025. It is estimated that India is the fourth largest online gaming market globally. During the pandemic, 50% of the growth has been seen in the industry’s turnover. One of the biggest online gaming provider companies known as e-sports is estimated to generate around 100 billion of Indian currency in terms of economic growth for Indian between 2021 and 2025.

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Setting up a business account is not so difficult. For gaming merchants who are looking to open up their own online gaming business. It can be difficult to do on your own since it requires huge investments. Though you can establish contact with the business account services provider for allowing a processor for your business website. You need to establish a business website and populate it with the required content. The service provider will enable you to accept payments from the customers through credit or debit cards. Though the gaming business has some difficulties in getting the payment processor facilities there are dedicated service providers who will provide them with the Online Gaming merchant account facility.


Challenges that come across in the online gaming business

Every Industry has some positive and negative aspects. But still, there are some challenges that merchant needs to chase as to remain in the battle. Below are some of the challenges that merchants might face while getting the processor services from the service providers.

Extra charges: The merchant needs to pay the additional costs to the dedicated services that they are availing for the organizational purpose. The merchant needs to ensure that they are only paying for the services that they require, and no additional cost needs to be paid to the merchant account service provider.

Point to Point services: There are dedicated MSPs that are providing dedicated services to the merchants. For example:- the merchant of the adult entertainment industry can get a dedicated account for the services to be utilized for organizational purposes. Adult merchants are high-risk merchants hence they have the difficulty in obtaining the payment gateway services from the financial institution they can easily grab the processor from the dedicated service providers. 

Nature of the business: Merchant account service providers categorize the business as low, high, and medium-risk categories based on the nature of the business. Banks and financial institutions classify some of the high-risk merchandise into the high-risk category so they can avail themselves of the services that belong under the respective classification. 

Why the online business requires a payment gateway facility?

The online gaming business is exponentially growing and has become one of the largest online industry that is serving the customer all across the globe. The advancement in technology and the rapid growth in the smartphone has been a major factor in the industry that has acquired enormous growth. Every three out of four people has reached the internet these days. They have their smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets where they can easily have access to the internet. Hence, they can easily get access to the gaming world. Since the industry has so many potential users then it is required that they cater to the needs of these users well. They are required to integrate the payment gateway facility to the gaming website so that users can easily make payment for the gaming stream they want to access. 


How Amald is helping the merchant all across the world


Some banks are not happy to associate with the businesses that are into illegal merchandise such as Adult Industry or the casino business even if they have a good credit score and meets all other criteria for possessing a merchant account facility it is just because of the nature of the industry. We intend to keep track of the chargebacks that the merchant is having but on the other hand, understand that the merchant can easily recover from the potential losses. Despite banning these accounts or depriving the merchant of the merchant account services we just look into the matter where the merchant is lacking and what the company is doing to get back to its track. And what we as a service provider can do at our end so that to help the merchant rise from the huge losses. We help merchants by providing them with the prevention and mitigation tools, technical assistance, and other facilities just to enhance the business overall performance. Amald is one of the renowned service providers who is providing the Online Gaming Merchant Account facility that will allow the gaming merchant with the aid in their payment processing to help them get safe and secure payment processing services.

Are you looking to take up the opportunity from the service providers for accepting online credit card solutions? We at Amald provide you with a range of services that involves multiple currency accounts, credit card terminals, merchant account facilities to assist the merchant with every aspect of the business. We are also enabling merchants with a wide range of services that includes credit card processing, gambling account, traveling accounts, CBD oil merchant account with various features. These are all high-risk merchant accounts though we also cater to the merchant of any nature. We intend to support them with the different payment methods that will allow the customer to make payments with whatever payment method they have available with them. In addition to this, we deal in providing a range of merchant account services to merchants with different payment methods enabled that include online banking, e-checks, net banking, etc. We are one of the best payment processor companies that are reaching out to merchants in assisting them with providing payment solution services so that they can enable the fast and efficient processing of the payments for their online business. Choose the gateway that suits your business best.


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