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Why only a high-risk merchant account?

Getting a High-Risk Merchant Account? Then you are in the absolutely right place. Merchants have to do some confirmation before applying for this. First of all, the merchant needs to know whether the service provider is providing the required features for your business or not. The PSP from which the merchant is seeking this account should already be providing services to high-risk industries.

Let’s come back to the topic. Some of the industries that come on the list of high risk are – Casino, Forex, IPTV, and Adult. The working nature of such businesses is a bit troublesome for some financial institutions. And that is the reason why they reject the application for the request of merchant services for such a businessman.

In such a situation, the trader cannot get a normal merchant account. But instead, he can request a PSP for high-risk merchant services.

PSPs are service providers that provide merchant services specifically to high-risk industries. A high-risk merchant account is one of those merchant services. Now let’s talk about the needs of selected industries.

Wildest gameplay ever!

The online casino industry itself is one of the most trending industries. There are millions of online casino players in the world. They visit these websites every day to try their luck by investing their money, skills, mind, and time. The risk in this business is that casino business is prohibited in many countries. Such businesses do not have a positive image in the eyes of financial institutions across the world. Online casino businesses are not fully regulated around the world. Therefore, financial institutions try to stay away from these unregulated businesses.


Such businesses are affected by the fluctuating rates of the market. Hence due to slow transaction speed, there is a high probability of losing money. The merchant needs the support of a reliable high-risk PSP to get the upper hand on transaction speed. In forex trading, every inch of profit depends on time and market rates. With our services, merchants can win over any situation.


Online web series, TV shows, movies, and lots of entertainment are possible with an IPTV subscription. But the biggest problem with such business is subscriptions from all over the world with millions of users at once. To control the flow the merchant needs a reliable service provider who can provide them with a complete solution.


Most of the universal societies have not yet been able to accept such industries in public. And no financial institution wants to get involved in such businesses. This is because they do not want to lose their face in front of their regular consumers. If one thinks that it is easy to serve consumers with low-quality services, it is not so. A merchant should try to find a high-risk PSP that provides services in high-risk industries.



High-risk business is also associated with many countries. And that means merchants will have to deal with offshore transactions as well. To get to them more easily this merchant account allows the merchant to receive money online in their currency. This way they do not have to worry about every transaction that takes place on their website. Multi-currency can spur businesses to make better strides in the international market. Now it will not be impossible to enter the international market. The merchant can also offer his products to other countries. It is good for their growth.

Alternative payment modes

Paying online with more than one option would be more fascinating for the consumers. Merchants can now allow their consumers to pay for the item they have purchased in more than enough options. Those options would be – AEPS, UPI, Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking, etc. By providing consumers with the option to pay via APM, the merchant can build enough trust with his consumers.

Access globally

The merchant doesn’t need to set up anything extra just to keep track of everyday activities. This merchant account is globally accessible with a unique merchant ID and password.

24*7 live Reporting

How would it be like to be notified of every single transaction on your smartphone? Now it will be easier for the merchant to keep a clear systematic transaction record. Apart from that, the merchant will get an alert for the things that should be on the notice of the merchant on time. Suppose one day an error occurs in the payment processing system and an alert will be sent to the merchant. Then it will be easier for him to control the situation in time. This merchant account also helps the merchant to save time with everything.

Bank cascading

Sometimes banks refuse to process transactions due to their own rules and regulations. But a high-risk merchant account will act as a great help to resolve this issue and get you results on time. This merchant account is linked to several acquiring banks and each of them performs its duties responsibly. Now even if one of them refuses to transaction just because of any reason another bank will take over the transaction and process it in time.



The possibility of information deceit is high when your PSP is not so reliable. But with Highriskgateaways merchants need not take stress over their shoulders. We have the level 1 certification of PCI DSS. Companies that have this certification are meant to be reliable. On top of that, we fully abode the rules and regulations of PCI DSS. So, merchants need not worry about any situations.

Merchant assistance

The merchant will get full assistance from a team of experts. Any doubts that come in the mind of the merchant will now be conquered before it is put to words. Without thinking about timing the merchant can ask for any query related to our services.

Global connectivity

With the support of many business entities in the international market, we can also support the merchant to grow at a bigger level. The merchant can introduce his brands to a big community of people and increase his goodwill among them.

Fraud security

Online security worries every businessman. And to maintain online reputation companies need to be tight with security measures. With highriskgateways, merchants don’t need to worry about any fraud over their website. To control the flow of fraudsters the high-risk merchant account runs many protocols to check whether the payer is the real owner of the card on not. If the payer founds to be suspicious the payment will be put to an end immediately. This way the money of the consumers will be safe and the organization’s reputation will also be maintained as previous.

Chargeback secure

Controlling the chargeback was too hard in the past. Without a reliable PSP, one can get payment processing services but within low-quality. Highriskgateways take care if anyone tries to make a chargeback claim. The claimant must have to present valid reasons otherwise the money won’t be refunded. If the claim seems to be right according to the rules and regulations then the money will be transferred in 2-3 business working days.


High-risk merchants can feel worn out so many times, just because of no coordination between them and the PSP. But with highriskgateways, merchants always can get on the right track. Managing a systematic track record is easy now. No need to worry about the hassle merchant felt before. Mentioned industries will get the perfect solution for them at the right time. A team of experts will bear all the stress and let the merchant feels the ease for every second. For more information, or to know about our other services the merchant can visit our blog section. “Push hard and achieve your goals!” Get your own high-risk merchant account now!


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