List of Types of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones

by Akash Chauhan Google Marketing Consultant

List of the precious stones and semi precious gemstones in the world by famous gemstones with their Treatments

Looking to purchase gemstones? Do not be deceived and know the difference between semi precious and precious stones. One category of stones is more precious than the other. When it comes to the traditional list of gemstones, ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald are the precious stones. Everything apart from the mentioned list is semi-precious gemstones. People have their own preference for gemstones where they are liked for beauty, elegance, cost, some mystical property. Precious stones have more worth, value and demand than semi precious stones.

What is a precious stone?

Put simply, a precious stone is that stone which has more value, more importance and features a greater quality. The commercial value of the stone is far more than the semi-precious ones. The list of gemstones that are considered precious are Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. They are visually appealing, created from minerals or rocks. Such stones are used for making jewelry and for creating fashion accessories. They are translucent stones valued for the color’s richness except diamond which is colorless. As diamond is colorless, its value is more. The utter beauty, rarity, method of producing adds to the charm of such precious stones. You may flaunt accessory carrying precious stones to appear classy. Any object which uses precious stones is considered sophisticated.

The traditional list of gemstones that are considered precious stones are:


Among all the gemstones, diamond is most precious. As the formation of diamond takes millions of years, it is very expensive. It is composed of pure carbon and is the hardest natural substance on this entire planet. Only diamond can cut or polish another piece of diamond. Although colorless, you can still buy yellow, green, brown, pink color stones.


It is a precious gemstone which may carry pink color or deep red color. Ruby attracts good luck and so it is used widely. The precious stone is also the way to protecting from evil.


Although available in several colors, sapphire is mostly blue in color. There is a category of sapphire called fancy sapphire that includes yellow, pink and white sapphire.


It is bright green in color but may have shades like yellow and blue.

What is the meaning of semi precious stones?

Semi precious stone has commercial value which is less than precious stone. Gemstones, crystals and healing stones fall under this category.

What is the difference between precious and semi precious stones?

  • Semi precious stones are found in abundance and carry less commercial value whereas precious stones have more value and are rare. They are distinguished on the basis of rarity, quality and clarity.
  • The beauty, the technique of making and rarity distinguishes semi-precious and precious stones.

List of precious and semi precious stones

Under the precious stones we have diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. On the other hand, semi-precious stones are also popular but less expensive. They are Turquoise, Amethyst, Topaz, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Peridot, Garnet.

Precious or semi precious stones are nothing but the kind of labels given on the basis of which we distinguish the worth and value. You can say that they are just marketing gimmicks as some of the semi-precious stones are more valuable than precious stones. 

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