Healing Effects of Semi-Precious Gemstones

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Long before they were just called stones for jewelry making, humans have been using semi-precious gemstones for effects they have on human health. Semi-precious gemstones have a big market share when it comes to healing and well-being.

When used in proper guidance, they could help the wearer set on the path of spiritual enlightenment and physical well being. So if jewelry made of gemstones doesn't make any sense to you as you were never a believer in materialistic aspects of it, here are 4 gemstones that you could go for, for sake of their positive effects on health.


Also known by the names of Satin spar and Desert rose Selenite is a form of Gypsum occurring as transparent crystals. Selenite has long been in use for its ornamental purposes and as a substitute for window glass. But other than being an important member of commercial bulk gemstones, Selenite has some magical healing powers too. On a metaphysical level, the stone is credited for its properties that help the user reach higher planes and third eye activation, along with the activation of Etheric chakras.  One can also use the mineral for in case healing. For that to happen, a  few Selenites stones are needed to be placed in a row along the complete length of the spine. This helps in energetically align vertebrae and the chakras simultaneously. 


Garnet is a silicate mineral that has been in use since the Bronze age, both as a stone for jewelry making and as a abrasive. This ancient gemstone was once a favorite of Egyptian pharaohs. Such was pharaohs’ love for it, that they were buried along with this gemstone so they could enjoy it even in the afterlife. This pomegranate lookalike is a symbol of energy and strength. Garnet is believed to be a powerful gemstone for its connection with the spiritual realm, as a stone fo self-empowerment, and has benefits in areas of safety and strength. The physical healing properties of the mineral include detoxification and purification, regeneration of cells, and is believed to increase metabolism and libido.


This purple variety of Quartz makes up for a fantastic gemstone, with its own huge fan base. Amethyst’s sources for supply include Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Africa, and Canada.
Taken as the gemstone of luxury, the stone very often adorned the scepters and crowns of kings. Amethyst is believed to inhibit the intoxicating of the wearer. The healing benefits of the stone include reduction of stress and anxiety, clearing of thoughts and mind, and amplification of intuition and good communication.


Pearl is a crystal of calcium carbonate composed within the soft tissue of living shelled mollusk or conulariida. When used as bulk gemstones, the strings of this Argonite and conchiolin compound could cost million. And just like its materialistic importance, Pearl has an abundance of health benefits too. Thought as a “Leader of the brain” by many cultural healing experts, the stone has many health benefits for women. Health experts say that pearl proves to be of importance in case of women menstrual issues, and proves to be fruitful to help increase the wearer's magnificence and appeal. Other than its crystal forms, the pearl is often used in its powdered form. Pearl powder is said to increase the glow and texture of skin and helps make it look more lively and radiant.

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