All You Need To Know More About Your Semi-Precious Gemstones

by Akash Chauhan Google Marketing Consultant

A semi-precious gemstone is a portion of a mineral that has been refined and cut. These are generally used in making jewelry and embellishments. There are also many precise rocks or organic material that cannot be called mineral but can still be called gemstones.


Knowing about a semi-precious gemstones is important as a knowledge of the various aspects of your gem like gemstone cuts, clarity, color, weight and shape, help you know the actual value of them. Knowing the type of cut, the amount of clarity and the color are important to know the quality of the stone. The weight is used to know the amount of gemstone you own or want to purchase and is priced based on the quality and amount of the stone. These aspects are an important thing to look after and are described as follows.


Cut - a cut effects the appearance of a gemstone to a great extent. Cut is made to keep the gem at maximum weight while maintaining the color and brilliance of the gem. The gem has a good color and the right shine after a good cut.


Clarity - Gemstones have a naturally present property of inclusions that were formed during the process of crystallization. Some gems may have more inclusions than others and these inclusions many times enhance the beauty of the gem.


Color - The color of gemstones is determined by the elements, of whose minerals the gem crystals were formed. The characteristic color of the gems is due to the formation of crystalline compounds of the various earthly metals and a few non-metals.


Weight - The measurement of the gems is done in the units of carats. One carat equals 200 milligrams. Gems are priced on per carat basis also considering their color an brilliance. The per carat rate rises as the carat weight increases steadily.


Shape - The shape of the gemstone depends upon the naturally obtained basic shape of the crystal. The shape of the gem is important as it describes its optical properties while also giving the density to the color. The shape gives the gem its brilliance and beauty. The shape helps in deciding the use of the gem in a particular shape of jewelry.

All the above properties are important and need to be checked for when buying a gemstone. So buy a genuine gemstone to get value for money.

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