Top 5 Precious & Semi-Precious Faceted Gemstones

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A faceted gemstone may not be your first choice of stone when it comes to selecting jewelry, but there are times when it could be exactly what you need to accentuate an outfit or event. Whether you’re looking for green garnet earrings, gold sapphire rings, or white zircon bracelets, certain faceted gemstones will look stunning whether on their own or paired with other types of jewelry. Here are five of the most popular and unique faceted wholesale gemstones on the market today.


1) Multi-faceting Diamond

This is one of five precious gemstones in our top five. The value of diamonds is largely dependent on cut, color, and clarity. To be considered gem quality a diamond must be flawlessly transparent with no visible inclusions (or blemishes) whatsoever. Any obvious imperfections or flaws can significantly impact a diamond’s beauty and thus its value. Diamonds are formed from carbon so they are used as a symbol of love and purity in many cultures around the world. Diamonds have long been associated with status and wealth because they are very rare and expensive to produce. Although diamonds aren’t rare in terms of total global supply, their production requires great skill that is still very time-consuming today. In 2006 De Beers made a strategic decision to move away from focusing on price per carat and start marketing diamonds based on Four Cs - Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. A few years later another factor was added - Conflict Free.

Before 1940 most mined diamonds were brownish-yellow which made them less desirable for jewelry use.


2) Greeny Facet Emeralds

The emerald is one of four precious gemstones that are green in color. All other green gems come from minerals (like beryl) or colored glass (like aquamarine). Emeralds are found all over the world, but only a few places produce top-quality gems—particularly Colombia and Zambia. If you’re considering purchasing an emerald, be sure to check its clarity—the fewer flaws it has, the higher its value. The emerald is one of four precious gemstones that are green in color. All other green gems come from minerals (like beryl) or colored glass (like aquamarine). Emeralds are found all over the world, but only a few places produce top-quality gems—particularly Colombia and Zambia. In ancient times, emeralds were considered extremely valuable. Some believed they could heal sicknesses like epilepsy and malaria; others said they would protect their owners from poisons if worn on their bodies. As such, most major civilizations associated with emeralds—including those in Egypt, Rome, Greece, Persia, and Mesoamerica—attributed magical powers to them. But by far their most important role was as tribute: Kings would often use them as payment for military services or as bribes for royal favors.


3) Shiny Facets Citrine

A variety of quartz citrine is a yellow to an orange gemstone. This transparent quartz contains gold flecks or particles and is named for its golden color. A popular faceted gemstone, citrine can come in a variety of shapes including round, oval, square, and pear-shaped. Citrine ranks among one of the most affordable and widely available semi-precious gemstones on today’s market.  If you are looking for a stunning gemstone that sparkles like no other, citrine is an excellent choice. Due to its affordability and availability, many individuals choose it as their first precious stone purchase. There are two main types of citrine: natural and heat-treated. Heat-treated citrine has been heated to high temperatures (usually over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit) which causes it to lose some of its transparency. Although heat treatment does not change any part of the crystal structure, removing trace elements such as iron oxide from certain areas causes less light refraction resulting in a less brilliant appearance. Natural citrine remains just as vibrant and beautiful without any chemical alterations. Many people prefer naturally colored stones because they feel that chemically treated gems do not carry quite as much spiritual significance.


4) Lime-green faceting Peridot

Lime-green faceting Peridot has been touted as one of the rarest gems in existence. While it is still relatively uncommon, Peridot can be found at most gem shows and malls. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that will never go out of style, then lime-green faceting Peridot is a great choice. This vibrant green gemstone was named after an ancient Egyptian stone called the noble messenger. For thousands of years, lime-green faceting Peridot has been associated with good luck and longevity. In addition to being rare, lime-green faceting Peridot is also very beautiful. The brilliant green hue of these stones makes them a perfect addition to any collection or necklace design. Many people think that all emeralds are colored by chromium. However, while chromium does enhance its color, emeralds are colored by iron. A common misconception about emeralds is that they come from volcanoes. Most emeralds are mined from granite rocks on land – although some have been found inside craters caused by underwater volcanoes.


5) Facets in Red: Ruby

Rubies are known for their vivid red color, but they can be found in other colors such as pink, orange, and purple. They are mined primarily in Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, and Vietnam. Rubies make stunning jewelry stones and also come in an affordable quality that makes them an ideal stone for anyone on a budget looking to invest in fine gems. The best rubies have only slight flaws, such as surface ripples or tiny fissures on the surface that enhance their beauty. Ruby is one of three precious gemstones – sapphire and emerald being the others – whose value is based on their intense color rather than any inherent rarity. Most rubies today come from mines in Asia, although some notable deposits exist in Madagascar and Tanzania.



Faceted gemstone beads are most commonly associated with jewelry. While some facets in modern cutting practices are decorative, many facets serve a purpose when it comes to enhancing a stone’s clarity and brilliance. Whether you’re buying for a friend or choosing something for yourself, consider keeping our list of five gems in mind for your next gift or purchase! In conclusion, faceted gemstones are both fun and beautiful; they’re also incredibly varied, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

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