Knowing the Best Process To Make Skin Tan

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Lately, you must have heard about airbrush tanning OKC! But do you know all about it? If not, then you are reading the right blog? 

When you want to get that bronzed beautiful tan for your skin but without being exposed to sun rays, you are lucky as there is something to help you get that tan and be ready for your vacation or any special events. Moreover, there are many ways of doing it without going out in the sun, but Spray tanning or airbrush tanning is the best one.

Airbrush tan is a professional way of getting a coat or even pigments of color on your body. Moreover, this tan generally lasts from a few days to a week or sometimes more. 

 The best part of it is that this won't damage your skin, is attractive, fast, and effective.

The pigment is created using tones of orange or red which gives the illusion of a natural tan. Airbrush tanning is the most realistic approach to getting that perfect tan from all other ways available. This tanning is performed by a professional technician at a tanning salon. The Airbrush tanning OKC is applied using a specially designed machine that gives your skin the perfect tanned coat, which has a tanning solution attached to having the right pigment. Furthermore, the Airbrush tan also gives you the option to customize the pigmentation, which will naturally match your skin tone.  So, your salon technician can make your desired realistic tan by mixing special dyes and pigments in the tanning solution.

Getting Prepared Before Tanning Process

When you visit your tanning salon specialist, they will tell you about the airbrush process and preparation to get the desired result you will love.

  • Before attending your session, you need to shave, exfoliator and take a shower to remove all the dead skin and oils.

  • Do not apply skincare products, makeup, or deodorants because these products will be a barrier between skin and tanning solution. 

  • You should wear minimal clothing for your session to minimize the tan line and get the maximum coverage. After the solution is applied, you should wear loose clothes to save the application. You must surely avoid wearing silks, nylon or wool clothes as they may react with the material.

  • Airbrush tanning is not a lengthy process; when you go for your first session, it's generally about consulting, evaluating your skin and finding the correct pigment for you. And the final session of the application is for about 20 to 30 minutes only.

  • The cost of airbrushing is different in every salon. 

  • You can get airbrushing tan for your whole body, which costs more, or you can get it done on a few parts of a body like legs, hands or face.

  • Or you can search thoroughly and buy a package which covers many applications.

  • The airbrush tanning OKC lasts for about a week or more, but you should not exfoliate your skin to make it last longer.

  • After application, you must wait for 8 hours before taking a shower and apply moisturizer after rinsing in the shower.

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