Knowing These 9 Secrets Will Make Your Animation Look Amazing

by Darsh K. Digital Marketing

There are certain key elements to creating stunning animations like a pro.

Here we shall share with you 9 secrets to creating amazing animated videos. Let us take a look at them below.

1.       Practice drawing. You have to practice drawing, again and again, to add spontaneity to your creation. When you are drawing for a video animation you have to plan, but at the same time, you need to make the outcome look spontaneous. It is good to have an outline chalked out in your head and make your drawing perfect so that it appears to be fluid and life-like. You can join the best  animation courses in Pune to perfect your skills.


2.       Do your research well. Before starting with the animation make sure it looks as lively as possible hence understand and research well about the study of motion. There are books such as “The illusion of life”, or “The animator’s survival kit” and much more which will help you to understand the basic techniques which have been developed by the fathers of cartoon animation over the years.


3.       Keep it simple. Too much of anything is bad, so always try to keep it simple and straight. Over-animating a certain scene can make it look unreal so it is better to make a character breathable. Making them move around might just dial down the positive factor in the scene.


4.       Animate like older times. In the olden days, senior animators used to draw the major storytelling poses and juniors used to create the fillers between the major poses. Well-known animators feel that this technique is still the best to yield amazing results quickly. When you are working with 3D animator software, move the major frame to the stepped mode and then make the key poses and then add the fillers in between.


5.       Use blocking. With the help of blocking you will be able to see how the original animation looks like. This feature helps you to get client reviews easily and you can make it smoother.


6.       Maintain time and space. Keeping in mind the timing and spacing is extremely important while adding life to the characters. You will understand clearly when your characters should be quick and when they should be slow. During the blocking phase, you must determine this as well. 


7.       Follow the fundamental principles. Following the key principles of animation lead to the creation of natural and fluid animations that are of great quality. To learn about the key principles of animation, you can join the best vfx course in Pune


8.       Exaggeration adds dimension. Always go for exaggeration because it puts in much more than life it adds style and dimension to the visuals.


9.       Use curve editor amply. While working as an animator use the curve editor extensively and master its use. This editor helps you to tighten up or ease the poses as well as the keyframes that are crucial to maintaining the fluidity of your animation.


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