Knowing About the Process of Wheel Refurbishment

by Lucy J. SEO Analyst

What is the need for refurbishing the alloy wheels? It is obvious that irrespective of the extent you maintain your car, the performance and looks of your car will be affected by the usual wearing and tearing. Your car’s wheels are the first ones to get deteriorated as they are the primary point of contact with the road. It starts cracking along with having scratches and dents that make it look shabby. So, would you throw them? No, rather than throwing away, you must go for wheel refurbishment. 

The Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

If you get the refurbishment of your alloy wheels done by the hands of a professional, it would be best. The professionals will take the tyres off the wheels while refurbishing your alloy wheels before any work, the existing finish of the wheel must be stripped off. The new finish adheres properly by this. This will also let the professionals to trace all the damages that you can get repaired. You must ensure that an approved chemical meant for refurbishing must be used to prevent any damage to your wheels.

Preparation Before Alloy Wheel Refurbishment 

To remove anything left on the finish of the wheel, wheel blasting is done after stripping the finish. This will also remove any corrosion present in the wheel. This step is very useful while your alloy wheel is being prepared for refurbishment.

You must get the wheel damages like gouges and scuffs inspected and traced for repair. It is sufficient to rub-down the scuff on your car wheel if there is only one scuff. You need to sand and refill the deep gashes traced in your car wheels. This process resembles the bodywork done on vehicles.


The professionals apply a base coat after they make the entire alloy wheel smooth while preparing it for refurbishment. This coat is a metallic silver paint. The professional must be quite skilled in doing this.

The professionals then paint the wheel in a clockwise direction. If you notice the auto professional, you will see them starting from 6 ‘o’ clock and then painting from the wheel centre to the rim. They will continue painting in this direction till they come back to the point where they started.

You must see that the professional needs to do the painting process very fast so that the paint is still wet by the time he reaches the starting point back.  This is crucial for ensuring proper colour blending and same colour at both the start and the end part.

Why You Must Prefer a Professional for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

The process is quite troublesome if you do it on your own. The alloy wheels are not just round surfaces but, they are more than that. They are 3D items and anyone having no knowledge regarding these wheels will be in trouble if he tries to refurbish them on their own. The running paint is a crucial issue in refurbishing the alloy wheel refurbishment as a thick paint layer is applied in spots.

Thus, a certain amount of skill is required to make sure that the wheel refurbishing process ends smoothly with no runs or drips. Often, the base coat is dried using infra-red lamps by professionals. The wheel is coated with a lacquer layer after applying the paint. This will make the paint look attractive. This forms the final refurbishing step. You must prefer Alloy Wheel Repair Newcastle Upon Tyne if there is an issue.

Various colours can be used for refurbishing the wheels. A few of them are metallic anthracite, gold, Cream, metallic black, satin black and anthracite. The standard colours are inexpensive. As compared to the new wheel price, refurbishing alloy wheels will give an awesome appearance to your car.

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