Sports Bra For Girls: What To Expect From Your Sports Bra?

by Kevin Bancroft Author

Were you aware of the fact that only 15% of women wear a bra that’s actually right for their sport?

While there isn’t an official count on how many types of womens sports bras are out there, rest assured that there’s a lot! While this can give many options to select from, it can certainly get you worked up about which ones to choose.

Think about it; there’s a uni-boob style that stretches around your breasts as if it were a giant elastic. Then there are mesh bras for more breathability; then you have the cross-strapped ones that hide well under your tank tops, then the ones where the straps unclasp; I mean, the list goes on and on.

So, I present to you a quick guide on selecting the perfect sports bra for girls that fits perfectly, feels comfortable, and that supports you:

  1. Is your bra hugging you tight?

Do you remember the feeling of that perfect hug? Where you felt safe and comforted? Well, that’s how your sports bra should feel like. It shouldn’t be so tight that you cease to breathe; rather, just tight enough to keep you from adjusting yourself because of the itching and tickling sensations that come with friction.

  1. Are your breasts flopping around in your bra?

When you try on your sports bra, ensure that you perform some jumping jacks on the spot to see if your breasts are jiggling. You know you’ve found your perfect high support sports bra when it’s decreasing the bounce by at least 50%.

  1. Is your bra weighing you down?

A light and comfortable sports bra almost feels like hitting the jackpot. But with more companies improving their collections, you would get a light sports bra that doesn’t dig into your skin, allows you to breathe well, and moves with your body rather than constricting it.

  1. Are you comfortable?

How many times have you wanted to get out of your gym just so you could go home and take off your sports bra? You’re not supposed to have rashes from the tight bra rubbing against your skin, you aren’t supposed to have your skin smushed inside the bra to the point of inflammation, and you aren’t supposed to feel pain. Get a bra that holds you snug-ly but comfortably.

  1. Most importantly, do you feel good?

If you have old worn-out sports bras that have become loose or faded or worse yet, the underwires come off, then it’s time to toss them and get a new one. Get a new sports bra that makes you feel confident again and excited about loving your fabulous body!

There you have it, all the reasons why investing in the right womens sports bra is key to owning your confidence. A loose or constricted bra will make you feel conscious around people or, worse yet, ruin your workout schedule because of the restriction in movement. With tons of fresh options, you can choose to upgrade your workout clothes in a pinch. So go shopping and get a bra that makes you feel like the goddess you were meant to be. Slay! 

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