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The first dinosaurs are now part of the Pangea supercontinent, which corresponds to South America, and evolved from the Middle Triassic to the Late Triassic, about 230 million years ago. Before that, archosaurs (archosaurs), therapsids (reptiles like mammals), and pelycosaurs (such as Dimetrodon, which lived in the Permian period) were the predominant terrestrial reptiles. The first archosaurs are believed to date from the early Triassic period, about 227 to 242 million years ago. They evolved rapidly and managed to diversify, producing not only carnivores but also herbivores. In this article, we are going to discuss the famous dinosaurs of their period and where to buy them.

1. Arqueopterix: Its name means ancient wing. It was a carnivorous dinosaur. Their diet probably contained small reptiles, mammals, and insects. It was about 60 centimeters in size and weighed 500 grams. It is considered the first bird. It is one of the most important fossils, as it provides evidence supporting the theory that birds evolved from their dinosaur ancestors. This kind of fossil skeletons shows that they were not as good leaflets as today's birds. To date, eight specimens have been found in southern Germany.

2. Ornithomimus: Its name means a fast imitator of birds. He lived in the Late Cretaceous. This species was omnivorous. It ate plants, insects, and even other dinosaur eggs. It was 3 meters long and weighed up to 150 kilograms. It was named because it is very similar to modern birds, such as ostriches. The fossil debris has been found in Colorado and Montana, USA, and Alberta, Canada.

3. Velociraptor: Its name means Mongolian fast hunter. He lived in the Late Cretaceous. It was up to 1.8 meters long and weighed 15 kilograms. It was a carnivore. Its favorite prey is believed to have been Protoceratops. He was about the size of a wolf today and was probably hunting in groups, so he could kill much larger prey than he was. Like Deinonychus, it had strong claws on its legs, which fatally injured its prey. The fossil has been found in Mongolia and China.

4. Allosaurus: Its name means a delicate and strange reptile. This carnivore lived in the late Jurassic. It was about 12 meters long and weighed up to 2 tons. They fed small dinosaurs such as Camptosaurus and Stegosaurus, as well as lizards and mammals. It is characterized by a ridge in front of each eye. To date, it is not known exactly what those features were. This is one of the dinosaurs we have more information about, especially regarding its anatomy, appearance, and way of life. Fossil debris has been found in the western United States, Portugal, and Australia. Dinosaur skeleton for sale, can be buy from Trexfossil.

5. Diplodocus: Its name means double beam. He lived in the late Jurassic. This herbivore diet may have included leaves and fruits of tall trees and shrubs, as well as ferns and horsetails grown on the ground. It is estimated to be up to 27 meters long and weigh 20 tons. The teeth of this dinosaur were on the front of the jaw. They were shaped like pencils and lined up like comb teeth. Various studies suggest that Diplodocus was unable to keep its neck long. The end of the tail was very thin and could be used as a whip to protect itself from predators.

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