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We know you’ve read the headlines and the current topic of discussion seems to be taking the plunge and switching over to the “organic” side by ditching your everyday store bought snacks. What, you ask,  is the problem with your pre-packed packets of processed goodness? Well, the term processed speaks leaps and bounds for it self.

The ingredients used in these products are altered to such an extent, that all of their natural nutrient content is LOST. What stays back are empty simple carbs, making your snack tasty but also aiding weight gain by packing in those kilos with each bite you take.

As an addition to this scary piece of information, store bought products are mostly deep fried and contain a harmful amount of saturated and trans fat, which not only add to the bad fat content in your body but can be absolutely lethal for your heart health.

Don’t worry! There’s always a solution. Here at DIP, we are on a personal mission to bring you tasty edibles which are super healthy. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of points that will change your mind and help you switch from the dark side:

1. It’s baked!

As much as the thought of deep fried samosas makes our mouth water, we’ve realized that even one of those tasty triangles will add a whopping 500 calories to your daily intake  and will take you 2 steps closer to bad heart health, with its horrible fat and cholesterol content. Which is why we decided to get baked!

All our products are made with as little to no oil as possible, and are baked to a golden perfection, thus retaining that scrumptious crunch we all love. Baking keeps all the nutrients intact, while keeping the cholesterol at bay and maintaining the glorious taste we’ve so lovingly tried to perfect.

Just try one of our DIP Baked Bhakarwadi’s and you’ll vouch for us too!

2. Whole Wheat = BEST


More often than not, your store bought goodies are made out of refined flour. And no, refined in this case doesn’t mean superior quality, it just is a better word to camouflage what it really is. Processed flour i.e. Maida!

Refined flour is made by bleaching the grains of wheat and chemically processing the grain to make it smooth, in order to give it more binding power, thus increasing the gluten content in the flour. This rips away all of its nutrients and vitamins.

At DIP, we use whole wheat flour to make our products, flour that is made by grinding the grain, and maintaining the bran and germ of the grain. Thus bringing you all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that wheat has to offer. So ditch the usual fried khari you get from your baker and switch to DIP Whole Wheat Khari for the perfect tea time snack.

3. Chemical free

As all our products are healthy, the ingredients used to make them are of great quality, i.e. no chemicals have been used in their production. As all our products are made with special love and care, we ensure preservatives aren’t used to extend their shelf life, thus ensuring every product that comes to you is extremely fresh!

4. Tasty way to build your immunity.

It took some sleepless nights, but we’ve finally figured out how to offer more with our select range of products. How, you ask? Multigrain! By adding other heart healthy grains to our already amazing recipes, we’ve taken it a notch higher, just for you! Grains like jawar, corn, bajra etc. not only add to the taste of DIP Multigrain Chips but also help your immune system with their specific nutrients.

Don’t wait another day to make this much required lifestyle change. Grab your pack of healthy goodness now on our website.

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