Kitchen Detox – How to rid your kitchen of unhealthy food! DIP baked masala sticks and Baked Chips

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Kitchen Detox – How to rid your kitchen of unhealthy food!

Do you dream of getting fit, workout to stay in shape but still find something missing? Have you stopped exercising because no matter how hard you push, the weighing scale just won’t budge? It’s time for a detox, just not for you. 

We’ve found the answer to your troubles! A major part of fitness is your diet, and no – we don’t follow a stringent diet plan but adopt what is known as a clean eating. Clean eating is essentially cutting out processed foods and sticking to natural counterparts. And the best way to adopt this lifestyle is to give your kitchen a makeover!

Here’s a list of tips on how to make your kitchen super healthy:

  1. Ditch the sugary drinks
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No matter how many times you skip that extra slice of cheese or count your calories, it’s all pointless if you drink the same amount in the form of Colas, juices and sodas. Switch it up by stocking iced green tea and lemon infused water to sip on. You could even add fruits to your infusion, and enjoy a healthy drink anytime, anywhere.

  1. More cheese!
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Ditch the low fat variety, and choose nutrient rich cheeses like feta. The calcium content present in cheese is good for your bones, and the fat content actually helps to keep your belly pooch away.  Or choose vegan alternatives like cashew cheese, to give you a dairy free boost of calcium and essential nutrients.

  1. Grow your own herbs
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Herbs are a special addition to any dish. Snip some from your pots and add it to your dishes in order to add taste without doubling up on the sodium. You can choose to grow your own herbs like rosemary, cilantro, dill and lemongrass. Add some dill to hung curd and make a delicious dip to eat with DIP Wheat Rusk.

  1. Smaller plates, smaller meals
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Science says using smaller plates helps you keep your portions in check, while making you fuller, faster! Take some time out to plate your food, which gives you a break before you eat, and utilizes your energy, while making your meal look even more sumptuous.

  1. Healthy Snacking
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Choose healthy snack items like DIP baked masala sticks, DIP baked chips or DIP baked canapés, and make sure to keep them handy. By keeping healthier snacking alternatives near you, you cut down the risk of snacking on oil soaked chips and other items that are loaded with fat.

  1. Fruit it up
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Stash cut up apples and pears in your fridge, or keep oranges and bananas handy as mini snacks. These little blessings from nature will keep you fuller and fitter. You could cut up fruits and make a salad to store in your fridge for quick snacking.

  1. Use your shelves
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Keep the calorie dense snacks hidden on the top shelf, so you have to take extra effort to reach for them when you’re hungry. Likewise, store chocolates, ice cream at the back of the fridge, or in nooks that will require effort for you to reach to.

Try these easy tips and you’ll be able to change your unhealthy lifestyle in a jiffy! We can tell you that it wont be the easiest change but once you’ve begun it’s a short journey to good health.

Take a look at more such tips and tricks on our health and fitness blog today! Hurry…

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