Keep your water tank free from algae to get pure water

by Priti Das Marketing Executive

Keep Your Water Tank Free From Algae To Get Pure Water

Since the water storage tank acts as the fundamental source of your daily necessary water supply, it is indeed a matter of concern if you suddenly notice an outbreak of algae in your plastic water storage tank. 

What are algae?

Algae are basically a group of aquatic organisms. They are a type of plant that solely resides in water. Algae need enough light and warmth to grow randomly. This is why the spread of algae mainly occurs where the water storage tank is situated in direct exposure to sunlight. Not all algae carry toxins. Some purify the water in a way. But most people prefer diminishing the growth of algae if it comes to the drinking water. 

How to make your water storage tank algae-free? 

Nobody wants an outbreak of unwanted algae in the domestic or commercial water storage tank. Hence, we are sharing some tips to avoid the growth of algae inside the water tank. 

    • The best and safest option to prevent the growth of algae is to install the water storage tank under a strong shade where sunlight cannot bother the tank. And, we all know that without sunlight, algae cannot grow. 

    • Try to purchase a water storage tank that is of dark color. Dark colors like black, dark green hardly allow the sunlight to enter the tank, and make the inner side of the tank a perfect breeding place for the algae. 

    • Already purchased a water tank that has a light color? Do not worry! Just paint it black. It is DIY work to paint the outer portion of your water storage tank. Do it ASAP! 

    • If your water storage tank has already started having algae, you can add ¼ teaspoon of bleaching powder to every gallon of water. Bleaching powder is very much effective in killing microorganisms like algae. Once the bleach gets mixed in the water, it kills algae and eradicates further development. 

    • There is another option that stops the growth of algae. A proper amount of chlorine (4 parts to every 1,000,000 parts of water) can prevent the development of microorganisms like algae inside a water storage tank. 

Note: One must be careful while using chlorine or bleaching powder in the water tank. The ratio of chlorine/bleach and the water must be appropriate to ensure safety. 

 • A regular maintenance of the water storage tank is mandatory to execute. You can use mild soap and warm water to clean the interior portion of the water storage tank. In general, a water tank needs to be cleaned thrice a year to provide fresh and pure water. 

Choose the right tank- The growth of algae automatically gets increased if the tank is manufactured by poor plastic materials. Always purchase a premium quality water storage tank that ensures the supply of pure water. Before selecting a plastic water storage tank, make sure its inner part is covered with high-quality food-grade plastic material. 

Get a plastic water storage tank from Penguin Tank and do not worry about its quality. We always provide quality products to our clients. 

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