5 Tips for a Fun and Safe Off-Road Trip – Gearing Up For the Adventure

by Rosie Jones Harworth Tyres

Off-roading is an acquired taste, it is just the opposite of track racing, involving toned-up vehicles running through slippery mud, loose sand, or dense jungles. It is much like an extreme sport where men and machine break, and which draws a clear line between an amateur and professional.

If you want to take a shot at off-roading, you hve to prepare your vehicle in such a way that it withstands the harshness of the trail. You need to stay prepared; things will break, your car might get stuck, and eventually, it will get dark. You will need essentials like gloves, flashlight, food and water for yourself. For your car, you will need some significant modifications done to conquer the trail.

Preparing your car for the adventure

Other than the mandatory engine tune-up, you will need some additional things.

  1. Check the fluids – Off-roading puts tremendous pressure on your car’s engine. Before you head out, ensure that your vehicle has proper coolant levels. Get an appropriate mix of coolant depending on your location and the season you will be driving in.

Also, remember to top off the washer fluids. Driving in mud will inevitably make your windows dirty, but proper visibility is nothing short of being vital. Change the wiper blades at the same time to ensure proper functionality.

Check the condition of your car’s engine oil as well. It is best to change it altogether and put a fresh batch in before you start.

  1. Check your car’s condition – Conduct a thorough visual inspection of your car make sure there is no leak, and everything is fastened down and secured.

Check the air pressure and condition of your car tyres. You can drop tyre pressure a bit while out on a trail, but remember to inflate it once you are back on a highway. You should also check your car’s wheel alignment Harworth before starting your journey. Visit a reputed car service garage like Harworth Tyres for such repairs.

Check all the lights, especially headlights and taillights for functionality and brightness.

Gearing up

Certain upgrades are a must have if you are planning an off-road adventure. Let’s take a look.

  1. Lights – Other than the headlights, light bars and add-on halogens are a must have for every serious off-roader. It will provide additional safety when you are driving during after-dark hours.

  2. Tyres – Road tyres are no match for mud and sand. Use a set of good quality 4x4 tyres Harworth before you tackle the trail. Moving up to 33” or larger tyres will make a world of difference as the extra ground clearance will allow you to run over any stone or tree trunk, and larger grooves will allow necessary grip over slippery terrain.

  3. Skid plates – Skid plates are under-body armours that protect the critical components of your vehicle. If your adventure promises harsh terrain, you should definitely invest in a good set of skid plates.

Be safe and have fun

There is nothing more enjoyable than lumbering through a beaten trail and reaching the summit at the end of the day. Keeping these 5 tips in mind will help you plan and execute a successful off-roading adventure.

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