iPhone Water Damaged:- Straightening Out The Myths & The Truth!

by Eva Spenser Innovation

Frustrated due to iPhone water damage?

Well, it is a common slip-up which most owners face. In fact, a report proves that 1 out of every five users tend to have a clumsy moment when they expose their phones to water/moisture.

It may be while taking a plunge in the pool or swimming at the beach that it slipped the mind that the phone is still in the pocket. And when one realises what happened, they find a device totally soaked outside-in.

The key here is not to freak out and not try some weird DIY experiment to fix the device. Here’s a list of truths and myths when dealing with a water damaged iPhone.

Myth:- “Do Charge Your Phone Before Getting It Repaired.”

One of the biggest blunders is charging submerged iPhone before taking it for professional phone repairs in Ballarat. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination, and it is always best to remove the battery and save the motherboard from getting totalled.

If you cannot remove the battery, then try to power down the device to avert further damages.

Truth:- “Your Phone Is Not Dead, But Do Turn It Off Immediately To Avoid Short-Circuit.”

When your iPhone gets submerged into the water, it is not completely dead. So, immediately remove every detachable component there is and tuck it away somewhere dry and safe.

The longer the liquid stays inside, the more difficult it is to recover your lost data and restore your phone’s functionality.

Myth:- “Continue Using The Device Normally Afterwards Without Issues.”

This is not true at all. Using a water exposed iPhone means exposing the device to more damages. If you open the device camera, then you may be sending an electric current which the camera cannot handle. If you keep doing that repeatedly, then it could also render the camera unresponsive and next to non-repairable.

The same logic applies to when dealing with the other components like speakers, external buttons, Wi-Fi Bluetooth modules and even microphones.

Ricardo Turner- a reliable iPhone repair technician, says:-

The right thing would be to leave the device in a dry spot for as long as you can. The more time you give, the better will be the drying process.

Ideally, it is best to wait for 48 hours at least before attempting to using it again.”

Truth:- “Don’t Put You Water Damaged iPhone In A Rice Container.”

To be fair, rice is a cooking component, not an alternative fix for water damaged iPhones. And though there is a notion around leaving the device in a rice container for 48 hours is a magical fix, it doesn’t work as well as people believe.

Julian Hope:- providing mobile phone repairs near Geelong states:-

“It is true the rice can absorb the moisture from your iPhone device, but it cannot reach the moisture that has already gotten inside your device.

This could lead to corrosion and rusting in the internal components of the device. And that could potentially leave you with a bigger repair expense to deal with.”

Final Words:-

Perhaps the best way to deal with a water-soaked iPhone is to go for professional repairs. Look for budgeted phone repair who has a distinguished repute in the industry and knows how to deal with water damages, cracked screens and even motherboard malfunctions.

If you need a worthy recommendation- ‘The iPhone Guy’ is a good place to start!

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