How Trekking is Good for Mind, Health & Soul?

by Eva Spenser Innovation

While traversing through the remote peaks and carrying a backpack loaded with all the basics you need is something majestic, exciting and refreshing, isn’t it? The urge to test your physical endurance, explore the undiscovered terrains, understanding the mountain ecology is what drives people towards trekking.

Of course, you can get a lot more than enjoying the invigorating sights, the surreal beauty and loading your camera with a heap of amazing snaps! Going trekking or hiking creates a huge adrenalin rush and you will be surprised to know the potential health benefits it offers both mentally and physically.  

Need the inspiration to get your hiking boots on? Stay glued until the end of the page to know how trekking boosts your mental and physical health.

Trekking Strengthens the Muscular-Skeletal Health

Trekking helps a lot in toning your muscles while enhancing their elasticity at the same time. Great trekking terrains such as Everest base camp trek can be the best option for a trekking nerd. Needless to say, rugged terrains offer the biggest benefit to the legs, particularly tightening the buttocks, quadriceps, inner & outer thighs, calves, and hips.

Apart from that, the neck and shoulder muscles and arms are equally groomed.  All these stimulate your bone density while lowering down the chance of osteoporosis. Trekking is helpful for people who have arthritis, frequent joint and back pain.

Lose Extra Pounds & Control Body Sugar through trekking

Are you struggling to reduce your body weight? Are you hitting the gym regularly but still unhappy with the results? Trekking can be a wise option to burn unwanted calories in quick time. You can also plan for trekking in Nepal if you have got a long holiday to utilise to the fullest.  Since the muscles are intensely engaged while trekking, the body uses the blood sugar to fuel the joints and muscles. It helps to reduce the excess sugar level in blood while enhancing the insulin capacity. You might be overwhelmed to know that you can burn up to 200 Calories per hour with an approx 30 pounds backpack!

Trekking helps you fight Depression and Refreshes your Mind

While traversing through the mountains, you connect with the surreal beauty of nature, the myriad of colours, the brooks, and lakes, the meadows, the healing sounds of hypnotic rolling wind and the frolicking fauna acts like a cherry on top.

The stunning beauty can fill your heart and soul with kindness and empathy. Concisely, you feel more active, self-sufficient, positive and stress-free. To combat depression, trekking can be a suitable option and clinical studies have proved trekking to be a great mind booster.

Get Healthier Heart and Lungs

Imagine you are trekking through the dense rhododendron bushes in Nepal or relaxing at a point close to the edge of a mountain during the base camp trek in Nepal. The fresh air of nature works like wonders to obliterate all your respiratory problems.

Frequent trekking or hiking is best to reduce blood pressure and enhance respiratory and circulatory health, thereby reducing the possibility of a heart attack, cardiovascular pains, and stroke. The more you breathe in the fresh air the lungs become more active and pump more blood, giving you a healthier and long living heart.

Concluding Words

By knowing a host of physical and mental health benefits that trekking offers, you might be excited to go out on a mountain adventure! So why waste time? Take the initiative and change your body, spirit, and life for good! Come to Nepal and opt for a trek at the earliest! 

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