How to prepare your ecommerce app for the Black Friday weekend?

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It’s that time of the year again.

Black Friday will be upon us in a few days. The Thanksgiving weekend may be a time for rest and reflection for consumers, but businesses cannot rest. This is the time of the year when businesses can ramp up their sales and bank on the indulgence of their target audience during the holidays.

This is obviously an important period of time for online ecommerce businesses. Both shopping apps and websites can leverage the Black Friday weekend to ramp up sales and truly grow their business.

The obvious problem is clutter. Every online business will look to promote its services and products during this period. It thus becomes difficult for companies to make their presence known. All platforms which publish ads are cluttered with different advertisers trying to reach their clients.

It is very easy now to build ecommerce apps. Tools like AppMySite enable users to go from WooCommerce to mobile app for Android and iOS in no time. It is thus vital for such ecommerce businesses to learn how to leverage such opportune moments.

How should an ecommerce app approach this period of opportunity? This piece provides an overview on the different things you can do to grow sales on your ecommerce app during the Black Friday weekend.

#1 - Revamp in-app design

Before starting with marketing efforts, it is wise to look within your own app. This means changing the app design to suit the holiday spirit.

It is always wise to remind your app users about an event like Black Friday. The best way of doing this is changing the app design to suit the holiday mood.

Big retailers like Amazon do it all time. For instance, it changes its basic UI during the time of Diwali in India to entice Indian users. The same happens around the time of Christmas in countries like the United States along with others.

How does changing the mobile app design exactly help?

Do you sense a change in buzz when you visit a shopping mall during the time of a festival? Malls and retail stores put up decorations not just to celebrate a coming festival. They also wish to induce a sense of giddiness amongst customers. The goal is to make possible customers indulge more than usual.

Updating the app design has a similar effect. App users are reminded about a coming festival or special period. This effort is solely to connect with them on a deeper level and then bank of their indulgence.

Thus, companies working on apps must work on improving their app design to suit the holiday period.

#2 – Select a proven set of ad creatives and CTAs

You’d naturally feel the urge to start a whole set of ad campaigns during the Black Friday weekend. Indeed, a lot of online businesses make a lot of their money during this period through direct ads.

There are many variables which affect the performance of an ad campaign. The first things which come to mind when starting an ad campaign are the creatives and CTAs.

The success of an ad campaign hinges upon the quality of its content. Since the Black Friday weekend is the time when your target audience is likely to spend the most, you cannot experiment with unproven creatives and CTAs. You need to have a proven range of content creatives  ready-to-go for the Black Friday weekend campaign.

How do you make sure your creatives perform? The best way of doing this is experimentation. Start putting out small ad campaigns with different creatives and CTAs a week before Black Friday. The CTAs and creatives which perform well are naturally better suited to do well during the Black Friday campaign as well.

#3 - Offer website alternative as well

When promoting your ecommerce app during the Black Friday ad campaign, there is one thing you have to expect - a lot of your audience won’t have the app installed on their devices.

Promoting in-app products with a massive sales campaign is always a challenge. This is because many users don’t have your app installed on their device. Even if they do, your app must have extensive deep linking to make sure they arrive on the right screen directly.

What is the solution to this problem? You need to have a website alternative as well.

During Black Friday, it doesn’t matter where sales come from. All you need to make sure is that anyone clicking on your ad is able to make a purchase. Providing a website alternative essentially makes sure you can reach a wider audience.

This is easy to do in case you convert WordPress to Android app with the help of a mobile app builder. This is because you essentially have a website corresponding to your ecommerce app. Providing a website alternative in such a case is very easy.

If you do this, make sure your website design reflects the holiday mood as well. Synchronicity in website and app design is important. You can also make your website visitors aware about the app and provide them suitable incentives to download it.

#4 - Leverage multiple channels

Black Friday is not the time to narrow down marketing efforts. Marshall every marketing resource you have to get the message out.

Generally, companies target social media and search engine ads during large scale marketing campaigns. These are not the only places where marketing is done. Email marketing for instance is a great place to promote a sale during a Black Friday ad campaign. Ecommerce apps can target their own app users through email and get more sales from their own user base.

#5 - Organize a good sales campaign

Your marketing efforts during a Black Friday ads campaign depend on the overall appeal of your sale. If you tell your audience you plan to tell them products at regular prices during a festive period, they’ll naturally be turned off.

There are many fundamentals you need to take care off before launching a sales campaign. You can’t simply start a sales campaign without doing your due diligence on subjects like market research and discount math.

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In conclusion

After a difficult year, many businesses have hitched their hopes on a good Black Friday weekend. It is vital to get the key fundamental rights.

This piece provides insights on readying your ecommerce app for the coming Black Friday weekend.

With tools such as AppMySite, companies can now easily build ecommerce apps with the help of a free online app maker. Thus, the information in this piece is very relevant for anyone with an ecommerce app in the market.

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