How to Find the Perfect Event Technology for Your Events?

by sara sandeep Event Management Software

Finding the right event technology is a daunting task. While numerous articles have been written on the importance of technology at events, very few articles suggest how to find the best technology amid the plethora of options available. And even if they do, it is almost an indirect pitch of their products and services.

But the truth is that there is no such thing as the perfect event technology. It is all about identifying the most appropriate solution that can help you reach your goals and ease your already stressful life. But this is easier said than done. Sourcing the right technology is a time-consuming effort and using a point solution to manage the entire event lifecycle is wishful thinking. You need a suite of solutions or a platform that can ease your work and help you reach your goal.

Let us look at some of the points that you need to keep in mind before taking the plunge into the deep pool of technology providers.

Know Your Problems

Before you even try to identify the service provider, determine your pain points and understand how a solution can help you. For instance, if your problem is low turnout at events, then perhaps you need a robust event registration software with advanced marketing capabilities. But more than often, event planners don’t have one simple problem. Their problems are as complex as their job and sometimes a simple event management software is all it takes to remove the complexity out of their jobs!

Know your Attendees’ Problems

Whether you have just started your career in event planning or are a seasoned pro, knowing your attendees’ needs is all it takes to create a stellar event. When you search for online event management software, you are more likely to find technology for almost everythingfrom a seat planning tool to self-check-in kiosks and content management software. So how do you pick the one that will streamline the event experience? The most obvious answer is by doing a survey. In case you don’t have the tools for that, then perhaps you can take cues from your experience as an attendee. Did you like the long check-in lines? Did you get enough opportunities to network at events? The answers will come naturally to you. And yes, we don’t work with endless budgets, so make sure your preferences are within the limited resources!

Time Management

Event planning is a stressful job and sometimes we all wish we had more time in the day to complete our tasks. With pressure to meet deadlines and prove ROI, you need to be more conscious of your time. Select an event management software that helps you manage your time effectively and streamlines your tasks. You certainly don’t want to invest in software that is complex to use and makes your job a lot difficult. The event management software you select should help you complete your tasks within the deadline and foster collaboration between different teams such as sales, finance and admin.

Data Management

Data is the hottest topic in every industry these days. Whether it is big data, data regulations or analytics, data is the backbone of everything. Thankfully, for event planners data isn’t a complicated thing, especially when you have the right tools to manage it. Managing and analyzing data is the key to successful events and that is why you need a solution that can help you do both the things. Collecting data with tools makes it easy for you to report on it and transfer it from one system to another through APIs and other integrations. This way you will not only save time but also properly compile, sort, manage and utilize data to understand your attendees’ preferences and create even better events.

Customer Support

We always need somebody during difficult times, and this is also true for technology providers. What if you get stuck somewhere or the solution is just too difficult to understand? You would definitely need assistance and support. Even if the solution is for dummies, you still need a smooth on boarding process. And who can say that technology will never have a glitch? For all these difficult times you need a support system from your event management software provider. Make sure the provider is available 24X7 through phone, chat, and email. Also look at their turnaround time to ensure you don’t have to wait endlessly for your questions to be resolved. The best way for determining your potential tech provider’s support is by reading online reviews and going through their website. Most companies today have a self-serve portal or a community of users where people can find solutions to their problems instantly.

Integration and Ease of Use

Ease of use should be one of the biggest factor determining your choice of vendor. The event management software should be an extension of your team and should help you in your planning needs. One way to ease your job is by reducing manual work of data entry. Your event management software should be able to sync with your current CRM so that data can be transferred without manual intervention. This will save you time and reduce manual errors that often happens when entering information. Also look for a provider who has stringent data protection policies. With tightening data privacy rules, you don’t want instances of data leakage or breaches that can lead to hefty fines. This has become an increasingly important prerequisite when working with cloud and web-based technology.


Event management software has become an imperative for event planners, so while you are sourcing it, you need to remember these points before you take the leap of faith. Keeping some of these points in mind will make you get the most out of the technology you choose and increase your ROI. While there is no such thing as the perfect event technology, knowing what you are looking for can make a plain jane software the ideal match for your events.


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