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Rip DVD to SSD Drive For Better Storage

Rip DVD to SSD Drive For Better StorageMost DVD disc holders would copy DVD to SSD drive or blank disc as backup. Due to the large demand of DVD backup, questions like “How to copy DVD to SSD-equipped computer?” and “Why can’t I copy DVD discs?” are frequently seen online. You can get satisfied answ... Read More

Convert H.265/HEVC to YouTube for uploading

Convert H.265/HEVC to YouTube for uploadingThe following guide will tell you how to convert HEVC to YouTube for uploading. Let us learn more.When you want to share some videos online using YouTube, you are not sure which quality to use. Many users who use some latest H.265 cameras lik... Read More

How to enable FCP to edit FLV files

How to enable FCP to edit FLV filesThis is a step-by-step guide for you to download and import FLV to Final Cut Pro for Editing on Mac, note there's also an equivalent guide for Windows users.Nowadays, the majority of videos sharing platforms have adopted the FLV video format since it take... Read More

Stream BDMV folder to TV with Plex server

Stream BDMV folder to TV with Plex serverThis is a guide of how to make BDMV playable with Plex media server. Let's konw more.Plex is easy to install and easy to use. It is based on XBMC whose strength is its ability to order you media in various ways. For example it has a special "folder" wher... Read More

Transcode FLV to Sony Vegas Pro for editing

Transcode FLV to Sony Vegas Pro for editingThis article introduces an easy way to download and import (YouTube) flash video FLV to Sony Vegas Pro 13/12/11 for further editing without problems.It's common for us to download online videos from video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. However... Read More

How can School Administration Software Singapore Ensure Business Efficiency?

It comes as no surprise that the schools of today’s era have to face severe competition and challenges just to keep the school running. The industry has moved in leaps and bound; we no longer could rely on the paper filing to manage the schools. Thanks to the school administration software S... Read More

Play H.265/HEVC Movies on Xbox One/Xbox 360

Q: Would it be possible for Microsoft to release a software update that would give the Xbox One the capability to play HEVC videos?4K resolution is widely predicted to be the main development trend of video resolution, which is on the way to all of us. While, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265... Read More

Manchester App Development: Some tricks to go further!

Some tricks to go further!To go further and clear your doubts or be certain of your choices, nothing is better than a keyword audit to refine your understanding of a query. Birmingham App Development  Indeed, taking again the example treated in this post, App development Birmingham  it w... Read More

How Best Free Password Manager Preserves Your Confidential Password Details ?

Passwords are sensitive information in this digital era. If you look deep into passwords’ importance, then you can find that data privacy completely depends on your password security tool. If your passwords are strong and protected, then we can ensure the safety on online services, which you are... Read More

Why Should You Invest in Transport Management System?

Transportation Management System  An operation manager or business owner always looks for the ways to reduce headache or enhance efficiency. Same is also applicable in transport industry. Business owners look for the ways to increase their profits without affecting quality of their servi... Read More