How to Find and Evolve Minccino into Cinccino in Pokémon Sword and Shield

by Emily Johnson Technical Advisor

The famous game of Game Freaks is persisting in attaining acclamation even after four months of its release. Precisely due to the enormous popularity of the Pokémon franchise, that can never be diminished from the hearts of its fans. Alongside its developer Game Freaks, who keep on updating it quite frequently with new features and events.

Gamers are still continuing to discuss Sword & Shield, and recently, they have proclaimed about facing difficulty in finding one Pokémon in the Galar world. Minccino is the Pokémon that gamers are unable to track down. Below, we have brief out easy ways to find Minccino in Sword and Shield alongside we have also discussed ways to evolve it.

Find Minccino

Gamers can easily locate Minccino in the wild section of the Galar region. The gamers need to head to Route 5 as it is the place where Minccino has the highest spawning rate, which is 15%. Alongside, the gamers can also navigate Minccino in the Rolling Fields section of Route 5 in the summer season as its spawning rate increased from 15 to 35%.

While in the snowy season, the spawn rate decreased to 5%. Alongside, the gamers can easily find Minccino in East Lake Axwell and Giant Cap, where it will spawn in every season. The gamers who are looking to catch Minccino through a challenging way can go to Max Raid Battles of Rolling Fields and East Lake Axewell, where they need to win a battle in order to catch it.

Evolve Minccino into Cinccino

The gamers need to obtain Shiny Stone in order to evolve Minccino into Cinccino. The gamers need to go to Route 8, where they can easily find Shiny Stone from Doctor Joanna or else, they can visit Lake of Outrage, where one more Shiny Stone lies on the backside of a rock. Although each of these ways is possible and will definitely lead you to Shiny Stone, it is advisable to go to Route 8 as Lake of Outrage is situated on the water bodies, and gamers have to use a water bike to visit there. So, it is advisable to go through the way of Route 8 to catch Shiny Stone.

Once the gamers successfully obtain Shiny Stone, then they have to take it in their hands and call out Minccino out of the Pokeball. It will automatically start evolving once it is outside of the Pokeball while gamers have Shiny Stone in their hands.

About Cinccino

Instead of finding Minccino and then catching it, gamers can easily grab Cinccino through Max raid Battles. They just have to visit the Max raid Battles of Giant Cap in heavy fog or overcast season; they will easily encounter Cinccino in the battle. However, they need to fight with it, and in order to catch it, they have to win the battle against it.

Although Cinccino doesn’t have the ability of Gigantamax Pokémon, it does contain several potent abilities such as Rock Blast and Tail Slap that will definitely be going to favor the gamers during battles. It is up to players, though, which way they catch Cinccino; it is recommended to grab this Pokémon as it is rare, new, and powerful, so adding this Pokémon to their team will consider as a great decision by the gamers.


The article above will help you in knowing about Pokémon Sword and Shield. Alongside this, the article contains information to catch Minccino and then evolve it into Cinccino. We assume that the article will help you in completing this task.

Gamers who haven’t try the gaming experience of Sword and Shield can obtain it now through Nintendo Switch.


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