How to Enhance an Active Workspace Promoting Movement

by Martin Andre Article Writer
If you are not an athlete and have a day job working in front of a computer all through the day, chances are you would be in a habit of moving less. While it may seem easy and comfortable at the start to keep sitting without any tedious physical task at hand, sitting for too long does tend to bring a lot of unhealthy consequences like chronic back problems, fatigue mental health, cardiovascular problems and so.

With time it can lead to inefficiency and unproductiveness and results in more people calling in sick as well. All this not only impacts any individual’s health but also the overall productivity of the organization. This is why movement around the office must be considered seriously by the employer, which can be done by implementing following steps:

1. Create an Encouraging and Liberal Environment
While efficiency and productivity is the utmost objective for any business, leaving out health concerns of the employees is going to affect all the aspects. The first and foremost thing is to hold a discussion with the employees about the workspace and how it can be changed and upgraded to make the place more active. Take in their ideas, research deeply and bring small changes initially changes within a trial frame. 

Make sure that you have to create an atmosphere where yours as well as the employees conditions are met at all the levels. Bringing small and step-by-step changes will help you evaluate what works best for both the party.

2. Bring in The Elements
With this, it doesn’t mean that you have to go through a complete sweeping change related to the workspace. Small but significant changes are what can transform the environment into an active one with improved movement functionality. Buy ergonomic standing desks for sale that promotes healthy lifestyle as they can be adjusted between standing and sitting positions allowing the staff to alternate accordingly without having to affect their work. If you have additional room, then set up exercise rooms and gyms that can be used by the staff before or after their work schedule. Move things like printers, trash cans and water stations to a centralized location will compel them to move which is a great idea to implement.

If you have less space, then think outside the box like introducing interior walking trails, or allowing staff to keep switching their seats throughout the workspace that keeps them moving, active and energized. Bring in rewards for people taking part in activities like ‘walking hour’ after lunch.

Introducing a culture of movement within the workspace isn’t that hard. All you have to do is invest in ergonomic furniture like buying standing desk for sale, allowing a flexible seating culture and so will get your staff to move, avoid health ailments, resulting in active lifestyle that will definitely increase efficiency and productivity.

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