4 Major Benefits of Modern Ergonomic Standing Desks for Your Health

by Martin Andre Article Writer
Maybe it sounds a bit dramatic, but sitting too much can kill you. It has been found in several studies that sitting for too long can lead to adverse health effects, in several ways. And one of the major contributors to this is our modern culture of sitting jobs, where we tend to sit in front our computers for long.

Whenever possible, office workers are advised to get up and take small breaks throughout the day. It’s not always easy to just walk away from the work as we get so indulged in our work, that everything else becomes secondary. However the effects of such routine can be seen afterwards in the form of pain and other ailments.

How to Avoid Sitting Health Hazards?
To avoid getting effected by these issues, you do not need to change your job or work. The alternative to the traditional sitting desks, in the form of modern standing desks provide the right solution to keep your body posture right while working, that helps you to remain active throughout the body and your body in the right shape.

A standing desk is also known as a height-adjustable ergonomic stand-up desk. It is a desk that allows you to work at the position you want to, either sitting or standing. These desk versions are highly adjustable which means you can change the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing. Given below are the benefits of ergonomic standing desks:

1. Lower your risk of weight gain and obesity: The main cause of weight gain is taking more calories than your burn. Exercising is the most efficient way of burning calories quickly, which can happen ideally when you keep changing your positions throughout the day, keeping your body active and moving. The caloric difference could be one of the reasons why sitting longer is strictly associated with obesity and metabolic disease. When you have the adjustable desk at the workplace, then you can control your weight because it does not allow you to stick only to one position.

2. Decrease blood sugar levels: If the blood sugar levels increase after meals, then it is worse for your health. If the workers sit continuously after lunch, then the blood sugar level will undoubtedly ramp up. The harmful effects of sitting after meals could explain the reason for suffering from diabetes. Alternating between the standing and sitting every 30 minutes rather than additional physical movements around the office can also make a huge difference.

3. Reduce the risk of heart diseases: It is widely accepted that the more time you spend sitting, the higher your risk of suffering from heart problems. So, standing desk will not allow you to sit for more extended periods because it will enable you to switch between standing and sitting.

4. Standing can reduce back pain and other joint pains: Majority of the office workers complain about persistent back pain due to sitting for long hours. Sit-stand computer desks can significantly help in reducing upper back and neck pain up to a great extent.

If you want your employees to stay fit and active, then bring modern standing desks to your organization. These desks will allow the employers to alternate between sitting and standing, remain active and energized throughout the day, and become more productive.

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