How to earn gold in World of Warcraft

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Gold plays a big role in World of Warcraft. You need the gold to buy things, skills, armor and more. Here are some tips on how to get the fastest gold. If you need real money to buy gold, we recommend hard work. If you need digital money like Bitcoin, you can try to trade, or if you are lucky, gambling. Try some of these online casinos to offer free bonuses that are very rewarding. The Wunderino and the Bethard Casino were very generous this year. If you do not want to play, you can always try different things in World of Warcraft.


Gatherer occupations


If you choose collector professions, you can collect materials (mats) that are used by other players to create things. Here are the best collectors professions you can use to harvest mats, herbalism, skins, enchantment and digging. You should also take cooking and fishing with you, as they do not count to your limit of two professions. If you've already leveled your skills, it's best to drop a trade and choose gem crafting, forging or leatherworking, and create your own material. Although you can also make a lot of gold with the trade professions on, the collectors' professions are the key to success for many players.


Outlands / Northrend


To earn far more money than you get from Azeroth, the burning Burning Crusade World was created. It may also be better for you to stay in Azeroth until you reach level 60. Recently, the experience rewards and quest money have been upgraded. Once in the Outlands, you should start growing elemental dust particles. You need this to create Primal, which you need to make the Burning Cuscade, and for which the people in the Action House put down huge sums of money. Also in Northland you get eternal because of the laziness of the people for a better price.


If you run an instance instead of spending your money at the auction house, you'll get new equipment, complete quests, and save a lot of gold.


Better equipment


In order to get better gear and a fair amount of money, instead of completing all the quests, you can run instances while playing in the levels of Northrend, Outland, and Pandaria. The quests you can pick up for level 90, where for most quests instead of a reward of two gold you get stately 23 gold for a quest. This is a very lucrative way in case you have not completed quests in the higher zones, you can earn nearly 3,000 gold per zone here.


Level 80


If you want to earn real money at level 80, you should grab a figure and start for Wintergrasp. There it is necessary to breed eternal earth, eternal shadow and eternal fire twice. You should buy a few saronite bars from the auction house and get an alchemist to turn them into titanium bars. This will give you the material you need for two titanium steel bars that you can sell from 150 grams. In addition, you should take a miner, so you can breed in Wintergrasp the Eternal.

At World of Warcraft, you create your very own heroes and can choose from twelve classes and thirteen different game peoples. You face your most dangerous enemies as you hunt for fame, adventures, and special treasures, becoming incredibly powerful.


The fascinating thing about World of Warcraft is that the world is constantly expanding and changing. This means that you can constantly experience new adventures, discover new lands and conquer monsters. But of course it is not always combative, if you feel like pausing, then you can take part in the special celebrations at World of Warcraft, such as the Hallow's Nights or the Brewfest.


In World of Warcraft, you're not a lone fighter. You can team up with your friends and travel through wild, sprawling landscapes where the war has left its mark. As you move around the world, you'll find new ways to fight the enemies of Azereoth. These range from epic raids to cooperative dungeons that you can play with four friends. Again and again, you have great opportunities to prove yourself and meet new friends.


At World of Warcraft thousands of unique quests are waiting and new ones are constantly being added. You face Illidan, the traitor, or destroy the undead armies of the Light King. In any case, a new era of war is breaking for you.


When you first enter the game, you will be asked to create your own character, who will later become your avatar in the World of Warecraft world. You choose a people first. Depending on which people you belong to, your character will look different. Then you choose a class that decides what your character can do.


In the spellbook you can read about the abilities and abilities and magic powers of your character. If your hero uses a spell in the course of the game, he uses up a resource. When you've used up all your resources, you'll have to wait a while for your resource to refill. It depends on whether you're a magician whose resource, the mana, takes a while to recharge, or if you're a villain who uses energy as a resource. The energy is recharged relatively quickly, but consumed just as quickly. As a warrior, your resource is the anger that builds up when you suffer or cause harm. But even your own warrior abilities produce anger instead of consuming them.

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