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Owning the absolute best nail gun is a thing you can actually enjoy. It will allow users to finish their project with a very professional touch. The best kinds of nail gun reviews and any buying guide will save you the expensive mistakes. You can easily search the right tool. Using the right tool will save you a lot of time but will also help you drive in the nails accurately.

You get to finish perfectly with good speed and accuracy if you use the best nail gun for the job. There are various kinds of nail gun in the market. Before you go to purchase a nail gun you have to know which one you need.  After reading the article you will have an idea of best brad nailer.

Right tool for the right job:

There are so many types of nail guns that you have to make sure you know which one is right for you. You get to select it based on your project. For example, if you do a flooring job, the last thing you want to use is a palm nailer. If you use the incorrect tool, not only will it take you longer to complete but the outcome will not be like you wanted it to be.

Types of Nail Guns:

There are several types of nail guns and here are some reviews:

Brad Nailer:

Brad Nailers are on the smaller end. They are quite capable of doing detailed woodwork task. This kind of nail gun uses the long gauge nails and most commonly 18 or 203. If you have to upholster any furniture, or perform minor home renovations then a brad nailer is just right.

Best Nail Gun: DeWalt DWFP1233 18 Gauge Precision Point Brad Nailer:

If you are into something that is budget friendly then the DeWalt DWFP1233 is suitable for you. It is an upgraded version from the DWFP12231 and will come with some developed features. Controlling the settings can be a breeze due to the easy drive adjustment feature. The rear exhaust will keep debris away from the work. To remove a jammed nail is easier with Tool free jam release mechanism. This tool is great for getting a perfect finish all the time. The anti-slip grip makes it comfortable and accurate to use.

Framing Nailers:

If you are in need of a lot of heavy duty nailing then framing nailers are the best ones. They are apt for doing different kinds of big projects that include decking, framing houses, fences, wooden siding.

There are a few different kinds of framing nailers. There are three types 21, 30 & 34 and lastly nailers of 28 degree. The difference in the degrees allow for various nailing angles. The degree of a nail gun is a preference really. It allows you to nail depending on the project at hand. Some nailers have differing degrees.

Best Nail Gun: NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer

Numax SFR2190 21 is a good seller in the category for power framing nailers. This nailer is appropriate to roof decks, frame walls, sub floors, fencing of woods. There exists a dual trigger mode which will allow you single or sequential firing. You are able to adjust the depth basing on the project. It uses nails that range in size from 2’’ to 3 ½’’ with plastic collated round head. The anti-dry fire mechanism can activate when you get down to 5 nails remaining in your magazine.

Finish Nailers:

Finish nailers apply long gauge nails quite like brad nailers. But they are somewhat larger in size. The most popular kind of finish gun is 16-gauge nail gun. This kind of nail gun suits furniture and remodeling projects. Users may also use the nail gun for baseboards, cabinets, chair rails, mill work.

Best Nail Gun: Hitachi NT65MA4

Hitachis amazing yet simple flip selective actuation provides users the choice to drive in nail they way they want. Either sequential or contact fastening will do. It can fire 15-gauge 1.25’’ to 2.5’’ nails and primarily pneumatic. This happens to be lightweight and you can carry it easily.

For a quick extraction of nails when they are jammed it has a easy to clear nose. There also happens to be 360-degree fully adjustable exhaust portal to help you blow away the debris. This nail gun comes along with a 34-degree magazine which is angled to allow users to reach into the tiny spaces.

Palm Nailer:

Palm Nailers don’t look like most other nail guns. They also look exactly what the name suggests, a nail gun that will fit in the palm of your hand. There are both the heavy duty models with a 2’’ to 6’’ nails and the light duty models of 1.5’’ to 3.5’’ 16d nails. At times to nail in tight areas may prove quite hard therefore the use of a palm nailer is apt. These nail guns are handy and compact and you can also use them to frame decks, fences, tight construction spots, and other projects.

Best Nail Gun: BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

This is the best kind of palm nailer that comes along in a very affordable price. This is the full set of a palm nailer that has included everything you will ever require. It has a magnetic nose as well. It weighs only 2.9lbs so that you can easily carry it and transport to places. The magnetic nose has a recessed nail to help and hold nails tightly for ensuring the accuracy of nailing. They are made from steel and are very durable.

This is the kind of tool that you get to own forever without much trouble. Some extras are included in the set- these are a leather glove, nose wrench, standard nose, large bore nose. You also get lubricant and a hex wrench in.

You always have to keep in mind the factor of depth adjustment. To go with that directional exhaust matters as well. A directional exhaust will allow you to discharge away from you. It may not a huge deal but it matters as well. 

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