How Pilgrims Can Visit Islamic Sites with Umrah in November

by Safeena Rahman Travel Addict

Those who are not accustomed to the hot desert climate of Makkah can have a tough time while on a visit to this holy city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After experiencing the extreme heat of October that reaches the level of 47-Degree Celsius at times, a relatively lesser heat is experienced in the month of November. From this month until January, the holy city of Makkah may get small amounts of rain. This month is chosen by many of the Muslims across the world to embark on a sacred journey to Makkah and perform their Umrah.

An Umrah in November is made possible with the cost-effective packages offered by the tour operators or travel companies in recent times. One of the Islamic pilgrimages, it is also called the 'lesser pilgrimage' or 'minor pilgrimage' as the major pilgrimage and one of Islam's five pillars is Hajj. The major pilgrimage is performed in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, while the lesser pilgrimage can be performed at any time during the year. Another difference between these two pilgrimages is that Hajj is obligatory for all physically and financially capable Muslims, while the minor pilgrimage is not an obligation.

Upon booking the packages for performing the lesser pilgrimage in the month of November, the prospective pilgrims would get a significant amount of discount. The amount saved can be utilised during their stay in the holy city to shop for souvenirs in any of the shopping centres of Makkah and to explore the popular Islamic sites. Among them is the sacred mountain 'Jabal al-Noor'. The name of this mountain literally translates as 'Mountain of Light'. It houses the famous 'Cave of Hira', where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had spent a considerable amount of time in deep contemplation and received his first revelation of the Quran from the Archangel Jibreel (A.S).

Pilgrims exploring the important Islamic sites in the holy city can also visit 'Masjid al-Jinn', which is considered one of the oldest mosques in Makkah. Also among the most important mosques visited every year, it is located near Jannat al-Mu'alla and has been built at the place where a group of 'jinn' had gathered to listen Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recite a portion of the Quran. The 'jinn' refers to genies, which were supernatural creatures believed to have existed in pre-Islamic Arabia. According to the Islamic traditions, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) later met with the leaders of the jinn and accepted their oath of allegiance and embrace of Islam.

Abu Qubais is yet another place worth exploring for the pilgrims arriving in the holy city for their Umrah. It is situated on Makkah's eastern frontier and is believed to have been known as 'Al Amin' during the times when pagan Arabs resided in this region. According to the local legends, this is the place where the first of men lived and were buried after their death. It is also the place where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had shown the pagans the miracle of the 'Splitting of the Moon'.

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