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The hot desert climate of Makkah makes it quite uncomfortable for those visiting the holy city during the summers with the extremely high daytime temperatures. It is during winters that the weather becomes relatively pleasant. During the period between November and January, this city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia receives small amounts of rainfall. Although the rains are scant in this part of the world, there have been several instances of flooding in the past. Today, with the construction of dams over the past decades by the Saudi authorities, the dangers of flooding have been reduced to a great extent.


An Umrah in November is intended by many Muslims living in the United Kingdom every year. This is the reason why the tour operators or travel companies specialising in the Islamic religious tours offer some budget-friendly packages for this month. All the prospective pilgrims wanting to perform their lesser pilgrimage in this month can book any of these packages for Umrah well in advance to get a significant amount of savings. They can utilise them to explore the important Islamic sites during their time spent in the holy city of Makkah after performing their Umrah.


One of them is Jabal al-Noor, which is located in Saudi Arabia's Hejazi region close to the holy city. The name literally means 'Mountain of Light' in the English language. The November Umrah packages give Muslims of the UK the chance to visit this mountain and explore the 'Cave of Hira'. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had spent a considerable amount of time in this cave in deep contemplation. It is in this cave that he received his first revelation of the Holy Quran from the Archangel Jibreel (A.S). A hike of about two hours is needed to reach this cave, but thousands of individuals endure the climb on a daily basis.


Yet another important place located in Makkah is 'Masjid al-Jinn' or the 'Mosque of the Jinn'. The packages of Umrah November month offers for pilgrims of the UK would give them ample amount of time to explore this mosque, which is one of Makkah's oldest mosques. It has been built at a place where a group of 'jinn' or genies had assembled to hear Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recite a portion of the Holy Quran one night. Later, the leaders of this group met with him and conveyed their intention of embracing Islam, which he accepted.


Located on the eastern frontier of Makkah is a sacred mountain called Abu Kubais. The UK Muslims visiting Makkah for their Umrah can also visit this mountain during their time spent in the holy city. It was believed to have been known as al-Amin during the period when the region was inhabited by the pagan Arabs. According to the Islamic traditions, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had performed the miracle of splitting the moon into two halves and then joining them together again at this place. Another legend states that this was the first place on earth that the first of men inhabited and where they were buried after death.


You can read on to know more about January Umrah packages and how they help the prospective pilgrims of the UK.


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