How long does CBD stay in your body system?

by Susan Henretty Co Founder and Director at Kronicvapes

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of several active cannabinoids found in marijuana, and since it’s responsible for several of its own effects, it’s often taken in a pure form. There are several ways you can take it, including chewing (CBD gummies) or vaping, and each of these delivery methods has different peculiarities.

If you’re looking for information on how long each of these delivery methods last and what effects to expect, read further.

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How long does it stay in your system?

Let’s get themost obviouspoint out of the way: CBD will remain in your system for about 3 to 5 days after you take it. This duration also depends on how you take it. If you vape using a dry herb vaporizer, the substance will travel very quickly into your bloodstream and you’ll feel the effects immediately. If you chew gummies, on the other hand, the effects will take longer to set inbecause your stomach needs to digest and absorb it.

How long is CBD active for?

Even though CBD stays in your body for a couple of days, the effects only last a few hours (usually 3-4 hours). Beyond this, you won’t feel the buzz any longer. The mode of delivery can also influence how long CBD stays active for. If you use a weed vaporizer, the effects will last a short time because all of the substance will be delivered at the same time.

On the other hand, eating gummies means a slower rate of absorption and longer-lasting effects. It also means that it may not feel as potent as if you had vaped it. On average, it takes about 20 minutes to feel the effects of CBD when you eat CBD gummies on an empty stomach. However, taken with food, the absorption will take longer, depending on how much food you eat.

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What else can influence the potency and duration of CBD’s effects?


How long CBD stays in your system, and how much of a kick you get from it also depends on the following factors:

·         Your genetic make-up. Some people are more “resistant” to CBD than others, and they’ll need to take a higher dosage to get the same effects

·         The potency of the substance. If you’re taking CBD oil, there are differentpotencies. High-potency oil dose is about 14.8 mg/d, and you’ll definitely feel it more than if you took a low potency dose.

·         How often you use it. If you vape multiple times a day, you’re obviously going to get a stronger effect and have the substance stay in your system longer than someone who vapes less frequently

What about CBD and drug tests?

Drug tests usually screen for several substances, the chief of which is THC. THC is a major constituent of marijuana, and if you’ve smoked or vaped the herb, you’re probably going to fail a drug test. However, if you take pure CBD, the drug test won’t find anything in your system. Some oils and tinctures contain mixtures of CBD and THC, and these are usually indicated on the packaging. If you need to take a drug test, you should ensure that you only consume substances with pure CBD.

While we’re on the subject of THC, you should know that if you do consume some, it can stay within your body for anywhere between a few days and a whole month. It depends on your frequency and dosage.

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What CBD delivery system is best for you?


There’s no single answer to this question, as there are several delivery methods. Whatever you choose will depend heavily on our preferences and what’s currently available. Here’s a brief overview of the common typesof CBD substances.


These are your chewable gummy bears infused with Cannabidiol. Even though most CBD products have an unpleasant taste, gummies actually taste great. For people who are taking CBD for medicinal purposes, gummies are preferable because they are easier to consume (you just pop them in your mouth). It also makes it harder to miss your daily dosage.


CBD tinctures are CBD substances that have been extracted into solvents like alcohol or other solutions. You can either swallow a tincture or place it below your tongue. The rate of absorption differs here. CBD tinctures placed under the tongue will be absorbed much faster than if they were swallowed.


You can also vape CBD from CBD-infused vape juices. Vaping CBD is the most effective way to take the substance because of the quick delivery and effect you’ll get. We already discussed how different cbd vape  oils can have different concentrations, and you should decide your dosage before buying your vape juice.

CBD balms

Because of its versatility, people are always developing new ways to administer CBD. Balmsand salves are very useful for people suffering from joint pains and skin problems. CBD balms are fast-acting and their effects are localized to the area they are applied onto.


Here’s a brief recap of everything we’ve discussed so far:
  • The effects of CBD last for about 3-4 hours. However, it stays in the body for much longer, usually 3-5 days. These durations are also affected by your genetic make-up, your dosage and frequency of use.
  • If you’re going to take adrug test, ensure that you only take pure CBD substances, or the drug test will pick up on the THC.
  • Vaping CBD juices is the best way to go if you’re looking for a fast delivery. The other options available are topical applications, tinctures and gummies.

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