How Long Does Temazepam Stay in Your Body & Side Effects

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If you happen to suffer from Insomnia, then it is essential that you consult your doctor right away; the Chances are that your doctor may provide you with Restoril (TTemazepam). Restoril is a central nervous system depressant, and as such, it acts by slowing down your brain activity. This should enable you to sleep better at night. The drug in question is often used a short term sleeping aid and is generally prescribed to allow you to overcome Insomnia. It is prescribed for a period not extending beyond ten days. You must intake the prescribed dosage and avoid taking the same with other depressants, including alcohol. This is why, when it comes to temazepam dosage, your physician will carefully assess your current condition, and other specs before prescribing the right dosage.

How long does TTemazepam stay in your body?

 When it comes to TTemazepam, you need to ensure that you are taking the right temazepam dosage. Over dosage of the nerve depressant or mixing it with other depressants can cause you to experience some side effects. It can even cause you to lose consciousness, before resulting in a respiratory failure. So if you are wondering about TTemazepam and how long it stays in the body, then you need to read on. 

Temazepam half life

Temazepam happens to belong to the family of benzodiazepine drugs; its half life depends on whether the prescription happens to be ultra short, short, intermediate or long acting. When you had consulted your doctor regarding your Insomnia, he would have prescribed ultra-short benzodiazepine drugs like Temazepam. And depending on how your body reacts to the same, he would prescribe a higher dose. Generally, when it comes to Restoril or Temazepam, it is usuprescribed as ultra-short to intermediate benzodiazepine drug. It gets absorbed by your body initially in the first ten to twenty minutes. Soon, you should be able to experience the full effects of the drug in an hour or hour and a half. And while your Urine secretes most of the Restoril, it tends to stay longer in your body, with a high dosage. It should be pointed out that this drug comes with a half-life of nine hours,

How long does TTemazepam stay in your body?

If you have recently taken TTemazepam and would like to know how long it stays in your body – then you should know that it depends on various factors from the prescribed dosage to your metabolism to weight, amount of body fat, as well as hydration. Generally speaking, the drug should show up –

·        In your urine, for a period of 5-6 weeks

·        In your blood, for a period of 24 hrs

·        In your saliva, for a period of 24 hrs

·        In your hair, for 3 months

Side effects: 

When it comes to temazepam side effects, you may experience some of the side effects listed below. You must consult your doctor right away, once you experience the same.

·        Nervousness

·        Dizziness

·        Headache

·        Drowsiness

·        Nausea

·        lethargy

·        anxiety

It is essential that you lie in your bed for a period of 6-8 hrs. You should consume the drug just as you are about to head to bed. Please do not get up from the bed once you have consumed the drug in question. And you must also ensure that you do not operate any heavy machinery during this period or even drive a car,

If you are looking to buy TTemazepam, then you should know that you can get your prescription filled in at the local chemist. Just make sure that you have the required ID documents since you would need the same to purchase the drug. Please note that the prescription will be valid only for a short term period.

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