How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System

by Minhaz R. Writer

How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System? Meth, or crystal meth as it is legally known, is a highly addictive drug that delivers unbelievable stimulant benefits to its users. Because of its highly addictive nature, it is now classified as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act. This means it has an eminent potential for abuse and addiction. This is why Meth should be taken seriously and not taken lightly.

How long does meth stay in your system? Most users do not see any negative side-effects from taking this drug. After the initial usage, the drug stays in the body of the user for about six to twelve hours, depending on the dosage and frequency. This drug may leave some effects behind in the tissues of the body, such as increased blood pressure, heart problems, diarrhea and vomiting. These are all common effects of long meth use.

How long does crystal meth stay in your urine? Based on the degree of use, the drug tends to stay in the system for between eight to fourteen hours. If you are not heavy, you will probably only experience these short-term effects. However, these effects should not deter you from continuing to use this substance, as most of us know, in order to get high.

How long does meth stay in your blood stream? Crystal meth crosses the blood brain barrier easily, so it stays in the system much longer than other drugs. A single gram of crystal meth can produce a blood concentration of about three to five milligrams per ml of plasma, or blood. If the concentration stays within the limits of the oral fluid, it is eliminated within 24 hours. Crystal meth is eliminated by normal daily bowel movements, which are why it passes through the kidneys and is eliminated there as well. The drug then moves through the bladder and is eliminated through the urethra, or urinary bladder; however, this route is more likely to cause retention of the drug in the body and possible chronic health problems.

How long does crystal meth stay in your body? It really depends on a number of factors including the route of administration, how much is ingested, the amount of crystal meth consumed at one time, and the body weight and health of the individual. Crystal meth does not enter the bloodstream in a typical fashion, so it does not cause significant amounts of retention in the body once taken. There are several drug tests that will not require the ingestion of crystal meth, but may require the administration of the drug (such as those used in drug tests for alcohol and other substances).

How long does crystal meth stay in your system? Because crystal meth is primarily a stimulant, the side effects can be quite serious. However, these side effects often fade over time due to the body's normal excretion process. If you are wondering how long does crystal meth stay in your system, you should consult your doctor or health care provider.

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