What are the Best Ways to Store Your Dry Herbs at Your Home?

by Susan Henretty Co Founder and Director at Kronicvapes

Usually sold in a portable plastic zip-lock bag, Marijuana enthusiasts tend to find it difficult to preserve the taste of the weed for a longer period of time. As per a study published by the researchers at the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, the quality of Cannabis can remain stable for a period of up to two years, if stored properly. In this article, we will learn about the best ways to store the dry herbs at home.


The Myth

The term ‘bag of weed’ is quite common among stoners and several rappers have used it too. However, the more you distance yourself from the term, the better it will be for preserving the quality of weed. Plastic zip-lock bags or paper bags, can only keep the weed fresh for a while. After a certain period of time, the weed will dry out and become brittle, making the smoke harsh and not so flavourful. For the Marijuana to retain its potency, a perfect environment needs to be created and there are several factors involved. 


Factors that need to be considered for retaining the quality of weed during storage

1)   Temperature

The temperature in which the weed is stored directly affects the likelihood of developing the mould, which thrives between 25-30 degrees Celsius. This makes it imperative to store the weed in a cool environment as heat will immediately dry it out. Furthermore, going lower than the advised temperature will slow down the THC degeneration & cause the trichomes to freeze and become brittle.

2)   Air

With just the right amount of Oxygen, you can keep your weed as good as it came out of that plastic bag for the first time. However, too much of it will make the process of THC degeneration faster. Keeping the buds in an air-tight container without stuffing it completely is surely one of the best ways to go about storing your weed.

3)   Light

Storing the weed under direct sunlight or any other form of light is a strict no-no as it will break down the THC. Since any source of light has UV rays in one ways or the other, it is harmful for the trichomes that ensure the stickiness of the weed. Keep your weed in a dark place to preserve its potency.

4)   Humidity

Maintaining the ideal humidity, which is between 59 – 63%, is quite essential to ensure that the contaminants don’t cause mould. 



Dos and Don’ts of storing dry herbs at home


1.    Avoid Plastic

As soon as you reach home with your bag of weed, transfer the contents in an air tight glass jar. Plastic is never a good option to store your weed in because its static charge will fry the succulent trichomes. Use plastic only when you have to travel with your stuff.


2.    Say ‘Yes’ to Glass

Find a proportionate glass jar as per the quantity of the stuff that you have. An air tight glass jar will not only keep the weed safe from humidity, but will also ensure that the flavour is preserved. Once you have it locked, keep it away in cool and dark place. Avoid metal containers at all costs.

3.    Wrapping in a Foil

For a short-term, Aluminium foil works as a great option for keeping the Marijuana safe from light, air, humidity and heat. It will last up to weeks. You can avoid all the hassle and pick this easy option, in case you have bought it in small quantities.


Now that you know how to keep your herbs dry, here’s another thing that will interest you to make the most out of the dry buds. For getting an instant hit out of the preserved herb, instead of rolling you can opt for a weed vaporizer. It’s easy; it’s quick and makes you test the potency of the weed, with utmost ease. Opt for a dry herb vaporizer from exclusive online stores in the UK for the best of times

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