How Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Failure Helpful?

by Shipra Sharma Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda
The human body is invested with two kidneys, situated against the back muscles in the upper abdominal area. They are positioned inverse each other at the left and the right side of the body, underneath the ribs.However, the position of the right kidney is slightly lower due to the presence of the liver on the right side, just above the right kidney. We run the risk of losing the full potential of organs due to negligence and other contributing factors mentioned below. However, a working knowledge of t is important and it is also necessary to understand the risk they pose if not treated properly. They serve many functions.

Let us first understand the various functions of kidneys: 

·   Regulation of extracellular pH
·   Maintaining overall fluid balance
·   Filtering of waste from food, toxins, blood
·   Preventing blood plasma to become more acidic
·   Producing necessary hormones that contribute to the proper functioning of the body

Some parts of our body do not function properly and are in need of assistance due to multiple causes. One such organ is the kidneys. Damage to the kidneys is not a sudden phenomenon but takes place over a period of time where the kidneys gradually lose 80% or more of their working potential. We call this kidney failure. When somebody’s kidneys stop working, they require immediate treatment and the most effective remedy available today is  Best Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure. The main factors of kidney failure are hypertension and diabetes, which have become fairly common in the present-day lives of people. 

There are other reasons which contribute to kidney damage:

·   Physical injury
·   Certain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen
·   Severe dehydration
·   Most acute and chronic diseases
·   Toxic exposure to environmental pollutants
·   High consumption of alcohol
·   Formation of a blood clot in the passage
·   Cardiovascular conditions
·   Smoking
·   Inflammation of blood vessels

Due to the above-mentioned causes, people experience a variety of symptoms which include

·   Low urine output
·   Blood in urine
·   Pain in the upper abdomen, on the sides
·   Swelling of the feet and legs
·   Nausea
·   Insomnia
·    Anemia- low blood count
·   Weight loss
·   Fatigue
·   Poor appetite
·   Muscle cramps (especially in the legs)

Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure

Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure help in eliminating the above mentioned symptoms of kidney disease. Most people are only aware of the over the top treatments like dialysis and kidney transplant but such treatments pose a risk to the patient and are expensive. Karma Ayurveda offers you the best treatment for kidney failure. Since it is an Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure, it causes little or no side effects to the patients as compared to other modes of treatment. It makes use of organic substances which help alleviate the pain levels and bring down the symptoms drastically. Ayurveda is based on the ancient system of medicine incorporating the idea of an ideal balance of bodily systems for which it requires yogic breathing, herbal treatment, and diet.

Karma Ayurveda has been striving to give the best of treatments since 1937 under the guidance and care of Doctor Puneet Dhawan who is also the co-founder of Karma Ayurveda. Ayurvedic remedies help you gain health and rejuvenate your lives by natural use of herbs. Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure are an organic process which not only helps in revitalizing the damages cells in the kidneys but also promotes the production of red blood cells which are an important component of the blood.  Quite a few patients who have adopted other treatments for kidney failure tend to face similar issues in the future and also complain of ailments but with Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure, those very patients feel safe and secure. Karma Ayurveda promotes wellness and being amongst its patients by taking care of their anxieties and ensuring safety from expensive procedures like kidney transplant and dialysis.

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