How to prevent kidney failure with Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Disease

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Kidney disease means your kidneys are not efficient enough in excreting out fluids and waste from the body. When your kidneys are damaged, dangerous levels of fluids start accumulating inside the kidneys that further deteriorates their health. The condition can even progress to kidney failure if no timely Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney disease is taken.

Kidneys are the organs responsible for performing the filtration work in the body. They help cleanse the blood, control blood pressure level, involved in electrolyte balance, and red blood cells production in the body. Our kidneys ultimately let the trash out of the body in the form of urine and waste products. But when your kidneys are damaged, the filtering capability of the body gets hampered, and they start retaining fluids inside the bloodstream or tissues. Dialysis and transplant are the artificial mechanisms which are used to eliminate the waste out of the body when your kidneys can’t do it for you.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney disease is an alternative approach to remove waste out without taking dialysis. The ayurvedic treatment expedites urine flow so that fluid can be naturally removed from your body without consuming high-dosage allopathic medicines.

Types of kidney failure

1.       Chronic kidney disease:  CKD is the gradual loss of kidney function slowly over time. There are certain medical health conditions that affect the health of the kidney. If the damage is bad, the kidney may stop working and the stage is called end-stage renal disease.

2.       Acute kidney disease: When the kidney stops working in a short span the condition is called acute kidney injury. AKD is a dangerous condition that can make you sick and calls for immediate treatment. However, Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney disease can prevent you from further complications that AKD brings.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Only when you are near to kidney failure, your body shows symptoms due to fluid accumulations and buildup.

The symptoms are different when your kidneys are beginning to fail, and you will notice:

·         Muscle cramps especially when you are sleeping

·         Dry or patchy skin

·         Sudden panting

·         Sickness

·         Too much urine or too less urine

·         Taste bud changing

·         Difficulty sleeping

·         Urine accompanied by urine

But when your kidneys stop working in a matter of days, the symptoms that appear are:

·         Vomiting

·         Rash

·         Nosebleeds

·         Diarrhea

·         Belly pain

·         High fever

Having one or more signs in the body is a sign you need Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney disease in order to terminate the complications and symptoms of kidney failure from your body.


Causes of kidney failure

Kidney failure occurs due to health conditions that affect the glomeruli, filtering unit of the kidneys. Those health conditions include:

·         Diabetes: Uncontrolled blood sugar level in the body harms the blood vessels inside the kidney.

·         Blood pressure: A high level of high blood pressure increases the chances of hypertension which in turn attacks the arteries and the veins.

·         Insufficient blood flow to the kidneys: There are certain conditions that may reduce the blood flow to the kidneys such as heart attack, liver failure, allergic reactions or severe burns.

·         Glomerulonephritis: It is a disease that states there is something wrong with the glomeruli that resulted in poor filtration. Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney disease helps cure glomerulonephritis and other causes of kidney failure.

·         Over the counter medications: Sometimes medications and drugs over consumption can also attack the kidney.

·         Urinary tract infections: Blockage in the urinary tract causes the urine to flow in the backward direction that causes an infection in the bladder.

Treatment for kidney failure

If you have kidney failure then you will need dialysis and transport to manage life. But with the help of ayurvedic treatment, you can prevent kidney failure easily when you are in the initial stages of kidney disease. But if you do not get diagnosed with ESRD In the starting stage, you will need dialysis in order to allow the kidney to eliminate fluids and waste from the body. But dialysis is not a permanent solution and as soon as you leave the treatment you will start notice symptoms appearing again that is why patients are advised to take Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney disease to naturally prevent fluid retention.

The benefit of ayurvedic treatment is that you can improve the functioning of the kidney and reduce the dependency on dialysis at the same time. The ayurvedic treatment works on the underlying causes of failure, unlike dialysis which works on the symptoms only.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney disease by Karma Ayurveda

Karma Ayurveda offers ayurvedic treatment to mend your kidney problems with therapeutical herbs from nature. Herbs like Kaasni, VarunadiVati, Punarnava, and Shirish are some of the prominent herbal extracts that tend to eliminate kidney failure from your life. The ayurvedic treatment to cure kidney failure is accepted worldwide and more than 35000 patients have been saved till date with Dr. Puneet Dhawan’s efforts.

If you also want to restore the health of your kidney without depending on allopathic and surgical treatment, then consult us!

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