Google is Rolling Out Maps Interface Changes to Android Auto

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Android Auto is entirely a  great experience, and it is still improving even though bugs appear sometimes and create disturbances. But, all these have not stopped Google from trying new things and innovations. Currently, Google is rolling out the latest updates that will make Google Maps work much better than before. The new update will help Google  Maps interface work better in landscape mode. The new updates include not only the new icons but also an updated user interface. The new icons and the latest user interface will help the search giant bring the app to meet the same standards that other Google apps are meeting.

What are the interface changes and how it works?

With the new Maps interface changes, the users will now find banners and menus floating. In simple terms, all these will no longer remain tied to the app screen’s width, making it much more significant in landscape mode. The banners and menus have been pushed to the screen side as before they used to be stretched the full width to block a major view of Google Maps. Now, the users can stretch the full menu and still can see where they are currently going. However, the new user interface is rolling out through Google Maps download APK.  The users can view it through Android Auto on the screens of their phones. It is expected that the standalone app will also adopt the Maps user interface.

So, the question is what is going on currently with Android Auto for phones. Google had announced a year ago to drop that they would drop the phone app in favor of Driving Mode. The company introduced at the time when most of the automobile manufacturing units were looking for ways to attract more tech-savvy users and customers. These automobile manufacturers were competing with the other systems of car infotainment from  Apple and other car manufacturers. With time,  the company took steps to expand its user base of android auto by launching a mobile app. This mobile app offered similar features for the users who don’t have an in-built infotainment system.

But a few months later, the company rolled its decision back and launched an app separately known as ” Android Auto for Phone Screens. The company said the users could continue using the app with the Android Auto phone screen version. Now, Android Auto and Android Auto for Phone Screens are in the Play Store of Google. Moreover, some of the phones can see both the apps. The reasons behind it seem that Android Auto being the part of Mobile Services of Google, came pre-installed on Android 10 or later devices. The Auto app is used to beam the interface of your car to the hand device of your vehicle regardless it is wired or wireless.

The phone interface of Android Auto always comes secondary to the functionality offered by the car interface of the app. The new app Android Auto for Phone screen acts only as a shortcut to an already existing phone interface in the Auto app, which is older. Once Google introduces the Assistant Driving Mode, then the users will need to use this particular shortcut to experience things like the head unit on their phones. Overall, these new Maps interface changes will help the users to move more options to the left of the map or navigation. It will result in getting much more room for the original map on the display of the device. The new updates have been rolling out to Google Maps and not the Android Auto app, so you will need to update your Maps app if you are using the Android Auto as the standalone app.

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