How to Fix the Issue Images are Not Loading on Facebook

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Facebook is one of the biggest as well as the earliest social media platforms. Almost every person who likes to use social media sites has an account on Facebook. Facebook gives countless features to its users, from chatting to sharing images and going live. Users can now post stories that display only for 24 hours. Instead of a written post, most people like to share pictures, videos, and go live as well as they also enjoy seeing them. Currently, Memes are so popular, and everyone is excited to see and share them. But, how you feel when you open Facebook and see nothing instead of blank white boxes. Without a doubt, it could be annoying, that means images or videos are not loading. Sometimes you won’t see the profile pictures as well. Don’t worry, if the images are not loading in your Facebook, use these tricks.

Source:-How to Fix the Issue Images are Not Loading on Facebook

·      Check Internet

·      Restart Facebook

·      Log out and log in again

·      Erase Facebook app caches

·      Update the Facebook app

Here is how to fix images are not loading on Facebook

Check Internet

Internet problem is one of the most common issues that cause various troubles in running and functioning Facebook properly, including the unable to load images issue. Most people scroll the newsfeed when they see an unload image to view others.  This mostly happens when the network connection is weak, or you’re getting a slow speed that isn’t sufficient to load the pictures. You need to check your internet, and if that’s the problem, then you’ll have to fix it to see the images.

·      Do not scroll and wait for the first image to load. If the image appears within some time, then possibly your slow internet is the problem.

·      If still, the picture doesn’t load after a long time, close the Facebook app and try using it in a browser. You can also open any other app to check your internet speed.

·      You can also use app and online website that tells the internet speed to know your internet speed.

·      Also try using a different Wi-Fi network or try using the Facebook app on another device of the same network.

If after using these tips still, the images don’t load, use a different solution.

Restart Facebook

Sometimes an improper start fails the app to run correctly. Maybe the same has happened with your Facebook app, and this is preventing the images from loading. You can check and troubleshoot this problem by simply restarting the app. Close the Facebook app completely, also remove it from recent apps. After that, make sure the mobile data on or the device is connected to the Wi-Fi then relaunch the app. If that was the issue, then you should now be able to see the images on Facebook.

Log out and log in again

Many times logging out and re-login helps in to resolve this issue. It works like refreshing a webpage. When you log out your Facebook account and log in again, it loads all the contents again. Open your Profile Facebook menu and select ‘log out’ from the end of it. Doing so close your account and show you the login screen on display. Fill up the blank field and tap ‘Login’ to reopen your account. This should fix the issue images are not loading on Facebook in your device.

Erase Facebook app caches

If fixing the internet, restarting Facebook, and the re-login account does not, and still you see the blank white boxes instead of images, then might be the problem is in your Facebook app. Deleting Facebook app caches fix if there is something preventing it from loading the pictures and videos. This works many times, not just with the Facebook app but also with others. As well as, erasing Facebook app caches is the simplest thing.

To erase the Facebook app caches, open the installed applications list under the device settings. After that, select the Facebook app from the app list, then scroll down and hit the ‘Clear cache’ button. That’s it! This will clean the app cache, now launch ‘Facebook’ and check if the images are appearing.

Update the Facebook app

Although you will not need to use this solution since the above solution will fix the issue, images are not loading on Facebook in your device. And, most of the users already update their apps when the update arrives, if still the issue persists you can check whether your app is updated or not. Download the updated app if yours is not. If your Facebook app is updated to the most recent version, reinstall the app. Hope, you would not see the issue again in your device.

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