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Joined APSense since, October 8th, 2010, From GENERAL TRIAS, Philippines.
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I'm an Accountant by profession, with work experiences in Accounting and Information Technology. I did computer programs, systems development and implementation.
I worked as an Accountant and Information Systems Director in one of the big Pharmaceutical Company in the Philippines for nearly 16 years.

I opened my grocery store in the Philippines before I came to KSA. Now, I'm here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia also an Accountant with a Medical Supplies Company.

I do my online business during my free time. And it's fun.

I'm business minded, perceptive, open to suggestions, always exploring new business ventures, enjoy social networking, young at heart, thoughtful and SWEET.

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  • Emgoldex
  • FreeKaaMaal
  • Biscoot
  • Xpress Restoration
  • Leather69
  • Rajrang
  • No Budget Online Empire
  • Gajendra Shekhawat
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ivan simeonov Magnate II Pro  
hi how are you how going affiliate marketing need traffic fresh daily leads best for smart phone and mobile tablet amazing compensatcion plan

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Admin Free Hosting Professional
Good posts and most of all informative too posting good information and sharing with everyone

Recommendation on Haves: Business centers
Pedro M. Professional
Allan is a very smart Marketer. His Formation helps him to distinguish easily the good and the bad aspects of a Program. There for, his advice is precious and to be considered seriously. A pleasure to do bussiness with Alan!

Recommendation on Haves: Pennymatrix
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II  
Allan has been a contact of mine here at APSense for quite some time. He is on the internet all the time but seeks to make money on the internet in his spare time. Allan is "business minded, perceptive, open to suggestions, always exploring new business ventures, enjoys social networking, young at heart, thoughtful and SWEET", as he said of himself. It is nice connecting with you on the internet and APSense, Allan. Hope you are enjoying your sojourn in the Kingdom.

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Valentino g. Professional Pro  
Good marketer and nice person. Always free to talk about new and useful tips and business themes

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