FUT or FUE: Which is Better Technique for Repair Hair Transplant

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

The repair hair transplant is performed to correct the wrongly placed hairline as well as the wrong graft placement due to incorrect angle and direction. The master of aesthetic hair transplant Surgeon can only give you the best outcomes by placing the right graft at the right place with all the touch of the aesthetic merits and characteristics. The hair transplant cost in rajasthan offers an economic-cost option to meet the challenges of a repair hair transplant case, which weighs a space in the hair transplant treatment world.

As we all know that there are two techniques of hair restoration, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. These are the methods of extraction that involves either the strip harvesting or a dynamic punching process to collect the viable grafts. Both the techniques are used to fulfill the restoration goal, but the fact is that the procedure of FUT technique is more compatible to offer the best results and why we are going to elaborate in this article!

Before going to describe anything in detail, it is important to understand that what is a repair hair transplant surgery?

The Repair Hair Transplant Surgery:

The repair transplant surgery is what that reforms the previous poorly executed hairline with an utmost aesthetic touch that defines the true value of the hair transplant surgery in terms of the undetectable hair transplant results that match the irregular pattern via proper angle and direction process of root’s placement. The repair is done to correct the wrong hairline by removing the wrongly placed grafts as well as implanting the right graft at the right place, such as the slim grafts are placed into the frontal part of the scalp, whereas the chubby grafts are placed into the crown as well as the mid-crown areas of the scalp.

The Technique used in the Repair Hair Transplant Surgery:

Mostly, the FUT technique is used to perform the repair hair transplant surgery. The FUT technique is the method of hair root’s extraction that involves the strip excision from the safe donor area, usually the back and sides of the scalp. The harvesting of the strip involves a normal incision and common suture to make an effect of the surgical procedure that gives value outcome. The FUT hair transplant always gives permanent results as the harvesting of hair follicles are only done from the safe donor part of the scalp.

Why is FUT technique recommended in the case of Repair Hair Transplant procedure?

It gives options for the selection of Grafts: The strip contains bunches of grafts that are collected individually by the process of dissection under the higher magnification of microscopes. The Surgeon allows the process of dissection and harvesting of hair roots to collect viable hair roots to accomplish the aesthetic restoration goal of the surgery. There are at least 9-11 technicians are engaged for the job of dissecting the grafts that made the possibility of getting the viable individual hair follicles to meet the desired goal of the restoration. They work under the microscopes helps in seeing each graft separately, subsequently enhances the rate of graft survival and make the possibility of densely-packed results.

The Merits of FUT Hair Transplant:

·         It gives a number of grafts/follicular units via the strip of the skin excision from the safe donor area

·         It makes the possibility of fulfilling of a dense-packed hair restoration results

·         It has the ability to offer a multiple types with various numbers of hair follicles that are designed specifically to meet the need of the frontal hairline making process

·         It gives always permanent outcomes of the procedure.

The FUE Hair Transplant: The FUE hair transplant is an acronym of follicular unit transplant that involves the multiple punching processes with the help of punching tools. This involves the dynamic punches that are free from the accurate angle and direction, subsequently, affect the outcomes and a very less number of grafts are achieved. The FUE is not a feasible technique to fulfill the restoration goal and that’s why it is not applied in the repair cases.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of repair hair transplant cases is a sophisticated job that needs an expert Surgeon to perform the task with the utmost aesthetic goal and remarkable outcomes that must match with the desired restoration aim.

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