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Propeller performance plays an imperative part in vessels operations. The main causes of propeller deterioration are corrosion, impingement attack, and cavitation erosion. Fouling is when marine growth such as algae, tubeworms, as well as barnacles settles on a submerged surface. Fouling of boat propellers can cause significant loss of power or speed.

How to save your propeller from being fouled?

Yes, you can save your propeller by using the propeller antifouling coating. It is traditional antifouling paint that helps you protect your Propellers. Slick film coatings necessitate regular use in order to repel fouling successfully. An effective antifouling paint for a propeller is as rare as a good pun. The antifouling coating must not only ward off all marine growth, but it must present a smooth slick surface that can stand up to the constant water friction when the boat is under power. And, in the case of a folding prop, the coating must also adhere in nooks and crannies, and in some situations, even withstand metal-to-metal contact.

An Antifouling coating that is inappropriate!

You can paint a bronze propeller with conventional, copper bases hull paint, but it won’t do much good since the more noble metals in the bronze propellers will eventually waste away the copper biocide. Don’t even think about painting an aluminum propeller with a copper paint or the reverse will occur- the more noble copper will attack the propeller alloys. 

2 Options for antifouling that are recommended by experts!

Option 1- Blast the Propeller to rare metal, prime with Interlux Inter protector or a similar barrier-coat epoxy, and then paint a conventional hard bottom antifouling paint. The trick with using conventional bottom paint is getting to adhere, thus the epoxy primer. Because there is an alternative other than epoxy priming a prop, because of health concerns, these etching primers are not considered for DIY.

Option 2- Use petite Barnacle barrier, a spray zinc product that has given us a year’s worth of fortification in the Chesapeake. Because the prime-and-paint routine has not delivered dividends commensurate with our effort, we have found that applying multiple coats of the relatively inexpensive Petite Barnacle Barrier is the most practical alternative for boats that haul out annually.

Some facts to know about Get A Prop! 

Get A Prop carries an absolute selection of Propeller Antifouling products from PropOne, PropSpeed, and Pettit Zinc Coat. These are highly useful products that are used to prevent marine growth to metal surfaces below the waterline. 

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