Why Settle for Less When Two Volvo Penta Duoprops Propeller Can Give Superior Thrust?

by Zayn Jones Purchase Original All TypePropellers for Best Perf

Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers are best describing the engineering art form. Behind the slightest curve of Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers, there are smoothest contour and tightest angle to design state-of-the-art performance driving propellers based on years of experience.

Volvo Penta knows how to convert the power of your driveline to real performance that you can feel on the water. It is this performance that leads to greater boating pleasure and at the same time contributes to the long-term health of your driveline.

Get Powerful Thrust with Faster Acceleration in Volvo Penta Duoprops Propellers

The Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers showed the marine industry that twin counter-rotating propellers could produce unparalleled thrust, straight and true tracking along with faster acceleration; ensuring a completely new boating experience.

The Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers are designed to form a vital part of the driveline, providing highly efficient and predictable handling, coupled with excellent onboard comfort and fuel efficiency. Every set of Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers is designed, tested and manufactured together to make sure not only a high top speed, but the best overall performance – all this while securing the service life of your drive.

Why Should You Make an Investment on Volvo Penta Duoprops Propellers?

·         Perfectly match pitch and camber distribution of Volvo Penta Duoprops Propellers contribute to excellent propeller grip, optimal operational efficiency, safe and predictable handling.

·         Optimized torque distribution between front and rear Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers ensure that the drive works with the load it is designed for – essential in preserving the life of the drivetrain.

·         Precise balancing of each Volvo Penta Duoprops Propeller gives minimal vibrations, quiet and smooth operation. It is also essential for efficiency and minimizes wear on the drivetrain.

·         Shock-absorbing rubber bushings in the hub of Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers reduce vibration, turning and pulling forces and minimize stress on the drivetrain caused by gear-changes and propeller impact.

·         Galvanic isolation in Volvo Penta Duoprops Propellers ensures that the propeller bushing is designed to galvanically isolate the propeller from the drive. It will greatly reduce anode consumption and prevent galvanic corrosion that could be caused by the propeller.

The twin counter rotating Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers bite hard to produce unparalleled thrust, faster acceleration and more while eliminating the lateral forces existing in conventional single prop sterndrives. That means the engine’s energy and power is concentrated on driving the boat forward not sideways.

Volvo Penta Duoprops Propellers provide up to 30% faster acceleration and produces a top speed some 5% faster than any conventional single propeller system without increasing the fuel consumption. At partial load you can expect between 10-12% lower fuel consumption. A better grip in the water means getting up onto the plane faster and staying there at low revs. Whether at high speed, making sharp turns, or when docking in a crowded marina – the grip is there. Volvo Penta Duoprops Propellers also reduces the boat’s tendency to roll.

Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers produce lower vibration and noise levels because of the fact that shock pulses are distributed over more blades. With its counter rotating propellers and unique blade geometry, they are almost cavitations free.  

Thus, buying Volvo Penta Duoprops propellers is a must for your sterndrive marine boats/ sailboats if you want to achieve increased thrust.

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