Handy Guide to Choose Boat Propellers that Won’t Drag You Down

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Choosing the perfect boat propeller can optimize the entire performance of a boat from multiple angles, but there’s a lot more to boat propellers than the size and number of blades. Tack on material, diameter, cup, pitch, rotation – do you feel like they’re different subject to discuss? Read this handy guide to start your research for the right boat propellers to choose.

Matching Boat Propeller Size to Your Engine

The size measurement of boat propellers is expressed in two sets of numbers as outlined below:

  • Diameter: The diameter of boat propellers indicates the distance from its midpoint or hub to the tip of its blade multiplied by two. Boat propellers with larger diameters are better suited for vessels with larger engines; the same goes for smaller diameters and smaller motors.
  • Pitch: Pitch is a dimension given in inches that illustrates how far the boat propeller will move forward with one revolution. It can be helpful to think of pitch as speed. A lower pitch has more pull power while a higher pitch operates at higher RPMs and allows the boat to go faster.

The key note here is to make sure that the pitch you choose doesn’t exceed what your engine can handle. To make sure that your boat propeller pitch matches your engine’s ability, locate your boat’s wide open throttle number in your operator’s manual. This number indicates the recommended RPM range at which your boat should operate.

Your boat’s required pitch can change depending on how many fellow boaters and their gear you have on board. Because of this, it’s wise to bring along two boat propellers with different pitches for when the boat is loaded up or down.

Boat Propeller Type and Additional Considerations

  • Rotation Direction: Rotation direction or whether the boat propeller will spin right or left is determined by your boat’s powertrain. A right-hand boat propeller must be replaced with a right hand prop and vice versa.
  • Cupping: Cupping indicates the curvature of the blade’s edge. Cupped boat propellers can increase rotational efficiency while reducing the slippage underwater.
  • Number of Blades: Three blade boat propellers are the most popular for recreational boating where top-end speed is required. Larger boats that add another blade to the mix with a four-blade prop will draw power at lower RPMs.

Boat Propeller Material

Inboard/outboard or Outboard boat propellers are typically made with either aluminum or stainless steel.

  • Aluminum: Manufacturers tend to favor aluminum props on stock vessels because Aluminum is cost-effective, reliable and low-maintenance boat propeller material. If you were happy with your OEM aluminum boat propeller and own a small or medium sized boat, aluminum is a good material choice for your replacement.

  • Stainless Steel: Though a bit more expensive, boat propellers made from stainless steel have a significant leg up when it comes to performance. Harder than aluminum, a stainless steel boat propeller tends to last longer and withstand damage. Stainless steel props come in a range of sizes, including larger diameters, and make great props for heavier boats.

Whether you need powerful boat propellers or simply something for your mud boat, it is important that you find a product by a name that you trust. There are dozens of companies that sell boat propellers, often at wildly varying prices. It is more important to consider craftsmanship and reliability, though, especially if you spend a great deal of time on the water. A lower price will not help you if something breaks, nor will a great discount make a difference if you have to put a great deal of work into your boat to get it seaworthy once again.

The experts at Get A Prop will be able to assist you in finding the perfect boat propeller for your boat at the absolute lowest cost. If you have any question related to boat propeller, reach out to the boating experts at Get A Prop today.

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